Monitoring & Evaluation and Environmental Social Coordinator

الوصف الوظيفي

PHT is seeking to hire a staff to fulfill the position of “M&E and ES Coordinator” who will be responsible to coordinate and to facilitate the M&E and, Environmental and Social aspects of the project according to PH trail and WB requirements and procedures.

Main Tasks, Responsibilities and Scope of Work:

This M&E and ES Coordinator will have to fulfill the duties, responsibilities and tasks related to the project Monitoring and Evaluation and the Environmental and Social aspects per detailed tasks below:

M&E related tasks:    

  • Lead project team in the development and implementation of an M&E system and oversee routine program monitoring activities. Ensure the quality and relevance of the project’s monitoring and evaluation design.
  • Utilize the Collaborative, Learning and Adapting Approach to continually assess project progress and inform project management decision-making.
  • Provide support to performance evaluation.
  • Develop the relevant data collection tools and will meet directly with the beneficiary communities and individuals and with key stakeholders to discuss and review the updates of main indicators, their collection and their changes over time.
  • Ensure the quality of M&E related data to be collected throughout the program implementation.
  • Participate in the preparation and facilitation of informational meetings with PH Trail’s partners.
  • Document results of the M&E system and produce periodic reports required by PH Trail and donor agencies.
  • Assist the Project Manager in preparing other relevant reports.
  • Assist Project Manager in the preparation of reports on the findings and lessons learned from project innovations.
  • Collect the data in a monthly and/or quarterly. basis and store the data and information in the PHT database.
  • Assist the various program teams in data analysis. analysis closely with beneficiaries and stakeholders during ad-hoc meetings, seminars, and workshops
  • Prepare and maintain project-related data collection over time and analyze them.
  • Prepare project indicators over time.
  • Conduct M&E field visits to project beneficiaries as needed.
  • Work with project beneficiaries to facilitate smoot implementation of project grants and project activities and guarantee beneficiaries’ contribution to project activities.
  • Train project beneficiaries on participatory M&E system, to facilitate and support them in self reporting project’ results through the existing PHT online M&E system.
  • Develop his/her tasks in close collaboration with PHT field coordinators that will support the collection of relevant data, as needed, complementing the self-reporting of the beneficiaries

As for the ES:

The Palestinian Heritage Trail: Increased Economic Opportunities and Improved Livelihood for Fragile Communities Project will be implemented in compliance with the World Bank Environmental and Social Framework (World Bank ESF) that was effective in late 2018


Framework.pdf), in addition to applicable Palestinian laws, policies and regulations governing environmental and social issues. 

In order to fully comply with Palestinian Environmental Law and the World Bank’s ESF, as well as to support the sustainability of the expected project outputs and outcomes, the following documents have been developed by the PH Trail and published on its website, as well as the World Bank website:  

  1. An environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF)
  2. Labor Management Procedures (LMP)

 Accordingly, the ES related tasks will include: 

  1. Supervise the implementation of the Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) instruments (i.e., Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF); Labor Management Procedures (LMP); Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) and Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP)
  2. Screen sub-projects according to the requirements of the ESMF and make sure ineligible subprojects are excluded at an early stage and the needed site-specific instruments are identified for eligible subprojects
  3. Support and assist beneficiaries in the preparation and development of site-specific Environmental and Social Management Plans (site-specific ESMPs) to monitor the implementation of each mitigating measure corresponding to a negative impact of the project.
  4. As required, update ESF documents (in line with the ESCP) throughout the life of the project
  5. Ensure that E&S documents, reviewed and cleared by the World Bank, are publicly disclosed (in line with the project ESCP)
  6. Monitor the compliance of project beneficiaries, including contractors/NGOs to the provisions of the ESMPs and other ESF instruments.
  7. Prepare and submit: periodic environment and social monitoring reports to the Project Manager and participate in relevant meetings and prepare reports on environment and social management.
  8. Prepare and submit regular environmental and social progress reports to the World Bank, quarterly or when required.
  9. Ensure effective engagement with the project’s stakeholders and people living/working close to or within the project area (in line with the project SEP).
  10. Maintain good community relations and address community concerns as they arise and develop measures to respond to grievances in liaison with the wider project team, and develop measures to promote community and workers safety and awareness.
  11. Conduct capacity assessment and identify what capacity building needed for different stakeholders in terms of environmental and social aspects.
  12. Provide support in conducting environmental and social training to the stakeholders and public awareness campaigns, including website inputs, pamphlets, newsletter, public meetings, workshops, local TV and radio programs.
  13. Ensure the functionality of the project Grievance Mechanism (GM) and its handling procedures, including channels for GBV/SEA/SH related grievances
  14. Monitor the implementation of the GM, update the complaints procedures manual, follow up, document and report all complaints received from affected parties within different components of the project.
  15. Ensure that all necessary mitigation measures for labor management, in line with the project LMP, are in place including measures for the prevention of GBV/SEA/SH, availability of complaints system for workers and implementation and codes of conduct.
  16. Prepare Tor’s for consultants to support certain ESF requirements and supervise their works and review their outputs.
  17. Undertake other duties as per the requirements of the project or as directed by the Project manager at PH Trail.

جميع الحقوق محفوظة لموقع جوبس.

متطلبات الوظيفة

Required Qualifications: 

  1. A bachelor degree in Business Administration or social sciences.
  2. Minimum 5 years work experience in the field of M&E and/or environment and social management. For the M&E the candidate should have experience on designing and implementing M&E activities of International NGOs and managing beneficiary monitoring and database systems.
  3. Relevant experience in preparing environmental and social reports
  4. Experience in strategic planning and performance measurement, including indicator selection, target setting, reporting, database management, and developing M&E and performance monitoring plans.
  5. Knowledge of the major evaluation methodologies (e.g., qualitative, quantitative, mixed method, and impact) and data collection and analysis methodologies.
  6. Experience in developing and refining data collection tools, quality assessments and oversight.
  7. Experience in managing and providing training to partners and target beneficiaries.
  8. Ability to facilitate and serve as project liaison for externally-managed evaluations.
  9. Excellent knowledge of the English language (both spoken and written) and excellent communication skills


This project team member is expected to deliver the following during his/her contact duration:

  • Quarterly and annual reports include information about environmental and social progress to the World Bank, quarterly or when required (3 quarterly and 1 annual every Financial Year) 
  • Quarterly and annual reports include information on M&E progress, findings, and lessons learned from project innovations. (3 quarterly and 1 annual every FY)

 Special Working Conditions: 

  •  Must have driving license.
  • Frequent site visits as needed, to provide oversight and assistance for on-site project.
  • Must be available to work with varied schedules including extensive afternoons and weekends as needed.
  • Ability to work in a team.

Time Frame and Contract

The duration of the assignment is one year, with possibility of extension, on full-time basis. The expected start date for the position is September 21, 2022.

تفاصيل الوظيفة
المسمى الوظيفي Monitoring & Evaluation and Environmental Social Coordinator
آخر موعد للتقديم 24 - Aug - 2022
المكان بيت لحم
نوع الوظيفة دوام كامل
المستوى المهني متوسط الخبرة
الراتب N/A
الدرجة العلمية البكالوريوس
الخبرة 5 Years
آلية التقديم
  • For full TORs and full description of the main tasks and responsibilities, please go to link:

Terms of Reference – M&E and ES Coordinator

  • For more details and application form, please click on the following link and fill the Job Application Form:
  • After filling the Job Application Form, please send your CV and Cover Letter in English by email to: [email protected]
  • The Subject of the email should be M&E and ES Coordinator
  • Deadline: Wednesday, August 24, 2022
  • Without filling the Job Application Form and sending the CV and Cover Letter, the application will NOT be considered.
  • Applications that do not meet the specified minimum requirements or those that will be received after the closing date will NOT be considered.
  • Only short-listed will be contacted.
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