Course on Working in the Global Economy- West Bank

Palestine Education for Employment (PEFE), a non-profit organization aimed mainly at creating job opportunities for Palestinian youth through training and raising their scientific and practical competencies. PEFE is announcing a new training course on Working in the Global Economy WGE. WGE is a comprehensive and experiential training program that provides university graduates with the necessary skills to work in the global marketplace through remote assignments, contracts and employment.  It equips students with tools to locate, manage and maintain steady work while increasing their marketability in a highly technological workforce.

The training will cover the following components:
-Workplace Success (50 hours)
-Business English (30 hours)
-Technical part on Working in the Global Economy WGE, covers 35- hour course comprised of 7 units providing students with the following:
-Fostering awareness of how they fit into the global marketplace. 
-Use of reflective exercises and project-based learning
-Moving past obstacles
-Assessing opportunity 
-Research skills and critical thinking
-Building expertise and refining their personal brand
-Building their own professional networks in industries of interest
-Learning to work remotely with colleagues
-Critical thinking, essential questioning, cooperative exercises
-Digital media exercises, role playing, network environments
-Engaging in professional opportunities. 

Admission requirements for training:
-Maximum 29 years of age
-BA degree
-English proficiency
-Commitment in attending all training hours
-Not currently employed

If the applicant fits the above conditions, CV to be sent to the e-mail below
Deadline for accepting applications 14/9/2014

Tel:  +972 2 298 94 05
Fax: +972 2 298 94 06

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Course fees: 200 NIS

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