MDM - Emergency preparedness project


Terms of reference of producing documentary film, photos and Make Up Maker


Project’s background:
MdM France started to carry out the project’s activities of Emergency funded by GMOFA. This project basically aims to prevent and mitigate life risks of vulnerable groups by easing their access to emergency response. This will be through strengthening the ability of primary health care centers and emergency staff for potential man-made and natural disasters, prepare the vulnerable communities to cope with the impact of current and potential emergency man-made and natural disasters and enable the direct victims of hazards to recover their lives with the least harm possible by give a support to a comprehensive humanitarian response for the emergency cases.
One of the activities of the project is to design and implement one -medical practical  simulation at the end of the project involving different stakeholders, (PHC, EMS, Hospital) in coordination with PRCS, Civil Defense, Police, Community leaders through CBOs.

Overall objective:
The overall objective is to produce a documentary film & documentary photo show and  to design and do the makeup  for the volunteers that will act as victims for 130 cases on the emergency preparedness project be used as a tool for communication purposes and be used to assess the activation of the emergency technical operating procedures.

Required outcome
Assume the makeup maker for 130 cases according to the criteria of MDM-F
Video film :
First film: Promo video, small media film for 2 minutes
Second film: maximum of 20 minutes
Photo show 200 hundreds photos covering the whole events
Immediate delivery of photos at the same  day of the event
 Immediate provision of the all raw video
providing small technical film based on the requirement of the medical team 

Venues or places:
Khan Yunis and Rafah governorates in Gaza Strip fifteen  areas (MdM office,  4 site location , 3 EMS station ( RAFAH  and Khanyounis ), Abou Yousef Al Najar hospital , Tall el sultan center , Rafah health center,  Naser hospital, Khanyounis center, Beni Suhaila center ,European Gaza hospital, final location.  

Language of the film:
Arabic version with English subtitles.

Target Group:
MdM staff, PHC, EMS, Hospital, PRCS, Civil Defense, Police, Community leaders, MDM-F staff

Introduction to the service requested: (composed of 2 steps)
1st step: Attending the introductory meeting
Interested applicants should send their willingness (with short introduction of the services of the company) to attend the introductory meeting to explain the initiative process for the service providers no later than 12/Jan /2017 by email to .

2nd step: Submission scenario of the expected short documentary movie
After attending the introductory meeting, the interested candidates are encouraged to send their ideas and offers of the short documentary movie no later 3 days after the 1st step, by email to  or by hard sealed envelope to log department  (MDM office, Ansar Squar, Bayedh Building, 2nd floor).

Required tasks from the implementing company:
Presentation of work plan and methodology –this must include the overall timetable and scheduled meetings with project stakeholders and officers in Gaza City and in the field to collect and record data.
Submission of storyboard that reflect the aim of the film and for the documentary to MDM lead for approval before filming.
Filming both the dramatic and real scenes covering the activities of MDM and 1 simulation.
Arranging all what is required in the filming places including coordination with authorities, the preparation of the lightening system and the good sound.
Present draft documentary to MDM at the end of the field mission and incorporation of comments
Interview selected interviewees for the film who will include actual beneficiaries (trainees), local government officials, partners and key program staff of MdM
To prepare the appropriate montage for the film and grantee having a clear and complete message.
Editing the lyrics and the filming music in a way that would reflect the aim of the film
The companies should bear the expenses of movement transportation to the areas mentioned above.
The contractor is required to submit all bellow-mentioned deliverables within a timeframe.
Handing over an Arabic version of the film with written English subtitles.
Designing the DVD cover
Handover of 2 masters copies artwork with raw footage for any future usage
Providing (50) DVD copies ( protected DVD)
In addition to the documentary, capture at least 50 high quality pictures.
All written documents are to be coordinated and presented in English language. The promo video must be presented in Arabic language with English subtitles.
Dual copyright of raw footage and final products will be retained both by MDM and the supplier, in perpetuity.
Make up Maker:
Design the makeup for the cases needed for the simulation
To provide 7 samples of victims (2 days after the signature of the contract)
Prepare all the custom needed for the victims based on the specification given by the MDM-F
Implement all makeup needed on the ground for 130 cases on the day of the simulation
Be responsible to follow the other team member
Be responsible for the purchase of the needed materials.
The  makeup team will have to show MDM-F simulation team some samples of work
The makeup team need to attend bi weekly meeting with the MDM-F simulation  team 
Deadline to achieve all makeup should be:  8th Feb 2017

-The procedural and technical terms that is to be taken into consideration while filming and directing:
To confirm the days of filming the activities as agreed with the MdM focal point
To hand over DVD of the documentary film (DVD version)
To hand over the raw materials of every video
To use the logos of the implementing and funding associations.
To be able to share an immediate set of photos to be used for media.
To share the row material immediately (within 2 days) after the event.

Required skills and terms of documentary film makers:
At least 2 years’ experience in making documentary films.
A very good technical background about filming and production.
The ability to bring up creative ideas in filming and production.
The company should be officially registered and has a license to work in the field of films production
To attach the C.V and hand over at least (3-4) samples of similar documentary films produced. previously.

General Terms:
To cooperate with MdM focal point to get the activities that should be carried out within the film.
To do any modification or change required
MdM France must agree on the final version of the produced film
The produced film will be owned by the MdM France and has no one will use it in any way possible.

Time framework:
The time specified to work is 1 month starts from the date of signing the contract to submit the documentary film, and the final day of handing over the produced film after the review will be 28.02.2017.
Technical and Financial proposal:
The interested candidates who attend the 1st step shall provide MDM with an offer including full proper price quote and financial expectations according to the services proposed. The time frame delivery shall be fitting with the one defined by MDM in the time frame & work plan section and take into consideration the following conditions:

-Prices shall be in English and with ILS currency. (Filming and Make Up Maker separated prices)
-Prices shall be inclusive of VAT
-Delivery timeframe & payment terms shall be mentioned.

Qualified companies are invited to send their CV’s mentioned their experience in this domain by Email to:

to attend the 1st phase deadline 12th of Jan 2017.
For the 2nd Step, the same mail will be used to deliver the technical and financial proposal, or by hand (sealed envelope) to MDM office.
Please use the reference as: MDM/Simulation Film & Make Up Maker /GZA/Jan-2017 in the subject line of your Email.

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