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As a product manager you will be responsible for both product planning and product execution. This includes, preparing wireframes and writing spec's with the help of the Director of Product, managing the product throughout the product lifecycle, gathering and prioritizing product features and customers’ requirements and working closely with the programmers/engineers, to deliver winning products.

Specific areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to:

- Define product specifications and features to match needs and requirements of the product users and potential target market.
- Features prioritization and release planning.
- Create product-user-interface wireframes, mockups, and user experience.
- Provide in-depth market, industry, and competitive analysis and positioning.
- Work closely with the development team and QA to assure the delivery of the requested features on time with the right quality.
- Work closely with the sales and marketing team to assure delivering the right message for the features the product has.
- Manage the feedback and requirements gathered from the current customers, potential customers, and target market.
- Provide the best strategies to increase the users ’ growth rate, users ’ acquisition, users ’ retention and users ’ satisfaction with the minimum budget possible – this is a shared responsibility with marketing acquisition team.
- Monitor, update product KPIs and report back findings from the tools we have.

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