Improved access to market for female and male small scale producers in the West Bank
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Oxfam is looking for coaching and gender gap assessment of it is project titled Improved access to market for female and male small scale producers in the West Banks which funded through Swiss Agency for development and cooperation (SDC) . The aim of this assignment is to have a clear analysis of gender gaps within the programme, identify opportunities and develop relevant trainings for the team on gender justice issues
The overall goal of the project is to contribute to sustainable farming practices and increase the income of small scale women and men fresh fruit and vegetable producers in the West Bank

Tasks and deliverables:
The gender coach is expected to conduct the following deliverables:

Identification of pre-training participants' needs for the programme team
Assess existing programme documents related to gender in order to find the gaps and build the training and action plan according to .gaps and needs found
Interview programme key staff, and cooperatives( at least 12 interviews needed for the value chain mangers , field staff , WEE coordinator and representatives from selected sample of cooperatives )
Design training/coaching content, refreshment for programme team
Develop a gender action plan to strengthen and mainstream gender justice throughout the programmes implementation.
Assessment and post-training reports
All written deliverables will be submitted in English Language.

The gender coach is expected to deliver the following Tasks:

-Conduct interviews with programme team and review gender related programme documents.
-Conduct interviews and lead focus group discussions with selected target groups, in order to better understand programme work on gender, and fresh product WEE opportunities.
-Summarize findings and implications for the programmes implementation.
-Develop a gender and women empowerment training plan for the programme team.
-Based upon the assessment, the appropriate training methodology that best meets the needs of the participants should be identified. Participatory, adult learning methodology will be used comprising presentations, brainstorming, case studies, group discussion, role-plays, plenary discussion, games and energizers.
-To ensure gender mainstreaming, looking at womens economic empowerment in the fresh produce sector and more broadly gender equity issues related to decision-making authority within the household, economy, and public sphere.

Time Frame

To be set by the consultant according to need , from Sep.15th 2016


-Masters Degree in Gender Studies with at least 8 years of experience in gender and development, analysis and training
-The candidate should have sound experience in leading gender assessments developing and delivering dynamic gender training sessions, and in designing appropriate strategies to deliver the required training.
-The candidate should have proven experience in developing strategies for effective gender mainstreaming

How to Apply:

Interested consultancy institutes/teams should submit an expression of interest comprising:
A cover letter of no more than 2 pages introducing the consultancy institute/team and how the skills and competencies described above are met. The cover letter should also reflect the number of days to complete the assignment and total financial offer (cost). The cover letter should also indicate consultants availability for the proposed period.
Gender Coach CV , as well as 3 professional references for which the consultant/s has done previous similar works
A proposal for how will approach this task (no more than 5 pages) including a technical offer (key considerations, proposed outline methodology, deliverables and detailed schedule with breakdown of number of working days) along with a detailed breakdown of financial proposal/budget.
The execution of this consultancy does not entail any cost for per-diem, travel, transportation or accommodation

If you are interested in the role kindly submit your CV to

Closing date: 11 . Sep. 2016.

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