ECHO Cash Programme Assessment and Evaluation
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In 2016 Oxfam provided unconditional cash transfers, valued at $82-$170 a month for a period of six months to 1,280 people, 651 of whom are women and girls. Oxfam also piloted a fresh food voucher in 2016 that reached 1,749 people, 884 of whom are women and girls that can be redeemed for fresh fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis and fresh chicken on a biweekly basis.  In 2015 Oxfam targeted 2,380 individuals (340 HH) with Cash for Work activities and 1,120 individuals (160 HH) with unconditional cash transfers (UCT).   
Oxfam is continuously evaluating its cash interventions; assessing appropriateness of targeting, modalities used for the specific target groups, and identifying vulnerabilities to best respond to humanitarian needs aiming at building linkages to strengthen resilience of the population.
Under this assignment, evaluation should provide concrete recommendations to improve ‘appropriate’ targeting methods and identify gaps in its methodology and design, impact of its Fresh Food Voucher pilot activity, and ability to scale up in cases of emergency and non-emergency interventions.


-Identify and analyse the impact of the Fresh Food Voucher (FFV) activity implemented under the ECHO funded project on beneficiaries and market (shop owners and small/local producers),
-Assess the scalability of the FFV activity in case of emergency and non emergency situations.
-Evaluate Oxfam’s targeting methodology for the two activities FFV and UCT to provide clear recommendations on how to improve targeting and matching with the proper assistance modality/activity.

Tasks and deliverables:

The technical consultant is expected to deliver the following Tasks and Deliverables:
-Conduct a desk review of key sources listed below and other relevant materials in order to map out Oxfam’s current programming alongside that of mainstream actors.
-Propose detailed methodology on how to answer questions listed above and possibly add further sub-questions.
-Make the necessary consultations with Food Security actors (FSS coordinator and Cash Programming Working Group) to provide inputs on comparability, targeting and provide recommendations on vulnerability targeting
-Analyze primary data collected through the baseline survey, post distribution monitoring surveys, and social enterprise and livelihood potential linkages survey and complement it with qualitative information to assess impact of the interventions on beneficiaries’ resilience as needed (FGDs and/or some H-H visits).
-Present findings to Oxfam and partners in a workshop.
-Provide recommendations and report.


-The ideal consultant will have Expert level knowledge in working Cash programming and food security projects with focus on methodology evaluations and analyses– international expertise is desirable-
-Strong understanding of the mainstream aid programmes in the Gaza Strip
-Commitment to meet agreed deadlines
-Fluency in English and Arabic is a requirement
-Excellent verbal/written communication skills & strong report writing skills.
-Ability to work with a team and under pressure to meet deadlines and produce agreed deliverables
-The consultant must be independent, but collaborative, willing to share thoughts, ideas, and make constructive criticism

How to Apply:

Qualified candidates and teams are requested to submit A cover letter of no more than 2 pages introducing the consultancy institute/team and how the skills and competencies described above are met, Proposed evaluation team leader’s and team members’ CVs, A proposal on how s/he will approach this task (no more than 5 pages) including a technical offer (key considerations, proposed outline methodology, deliverables and detailed schedule, roles of different team members proposed) along with a detailed breakdown of financial proposal/budget and other documents as detailed in the TOR to

no later than 28th December 2016.

For the full TOR please follow the link below:


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