Agro-processing Development in Palestine:
Supporting SMEs and Entrepreneurship for Youth
Program 2017-2020

Terms of Reference
The Branding, Packaging and Labelling of a selected number of Agro-processers in the West Bank in Addition to Offering A training Session on Branding

Duration of the assignment: November 25  – February 25, 2017.

Under the Drosos Foundation program areas in Palestine, SEC is executing project entitled “Agro-processing Development in Palestine / Supporting SMEs and Entrepreneurship for Youth”. The Program Goal is to contribute to the economic growth through raising the participating companies operating in the agro-processing sub-sector incomes and strengthening their ability to create sustainable jobs for unemployed youth and women by providing the participating companies with a set of innovative business development services.

For that reason, a service provider is needed to support the production of a number of selected companies and processors and enhance their competitiveness through the design of brands and the implementation of customized packaging, and labelling solutions.

The program targeted this year ten small and medium companies operating in different governorate in the West Bank; the following presents facts about the companies:

-    Most of the companies have already established some “brands”, however it has weak identity and communication, the rest almost have no professional brands.
-    SEC supported the companies in working with these companies to develop standardized quality systems, market linkages to enhance their competitiveness, however, these efforts have to be integrated with brand building to maximize the economic impact in the medium and long terms
-    Some established brands in the local and regional markets such Turkey and Lebanon enforce the fact that their Palestinian counterparts have to match their level or more.
-    The feedback from the regional traders that SEC already contacted, emphasized the need for stronger brand identity for the Palestinian agro-products
-    Furthermore, agro-processed and food products established shows like in Dubai, Germany, and Saudi Arabia have high standards for products participation in their shows including (packaging, labeling, branding, etc.)
-    The project need to provide the theoretical and conceptual education to these companies bout the critical important of strong branding, however, creating these new brands for these companies in practical terms requires further interventions and support from the program in terms of financial resources and human skills.

Therefore, this ToR is developed against the above background to ensure the fulfillment of the final project goal.

You can find the full TOR on this link

Timeframe and Reporting

-    The consultant will require a maximum of 15 working days and should start by December  2017.
-    Reporting and coordination will be with the Director General of SEC.

- The consultancy firm, team or individual making an application for the contract shall submit a detailed proposal (in either Arabic or English) for Branding, Packaging and Labelling assignment . The proposal should be divided into two parts, i.e. technical and financial (lump sum). 

-    The deadline to submit the proposal is on November 20th ,2017 . The proposal should be submitted on a sealed envelope to SEC  office  at the following Address :

5th Floor , Al Amal Building
Mecca Street , Al Balou’
Al Bireh
Tel: 02-2423326

Note: SEC working hours from Sundays to Thursdays between 8:00 to 16:00 except public holidays.

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