Consultancy for the Development of A programme Backbone document for Oxfam's Gender justice Programming

Terms of Reference (TOR) for a Short-Term Consultancy
For the Development of a Programme Backbone document for Oxfams Gender Justice Programming in OPTI


Oxfams vision is a just world without poverty, in which people can influence the decisions that affect their lives, enjoy their rights, and assume their responsibilities as full citizens of a world where all human beings are valued and treated equally. Gender justice in economic, social and political spheres is a vital prerequisite for the achievement of this vision.

Oxfam defines gender justice as follows:

Gender justice brings work towards gender equality into a rights based framework. It is the goal of full equality and equity between women and men in all spheres of life; resulting in women jointly and on an equal basis with men defining and shaping the policies, structures and decisions that affect their lives and society as a whole, based on their own interests and priorities. Gender Justice commits to taking a gender perspective on the definition and application of civil, political, economic and social rights. Gender justice is an outcome and a process. As an outcome, it implies equal access to and control over resources for women and men, combined with agency (the ability to make choices). As a process, it brings an additional essential element: accountability, which implies the responsibility and answerability of precisely those social institutions set up to dispense justice.

Through the Oxfam Country Strategy (OCS) in OPTI, Oxfam works to increase our impact on development and humanitarian work in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel (OPTI) focusing on three change goals: Gender Justice (GJ), Economic Justice (EJ) and Saving lives Now and In the Future (SL). Together with Right to Be Heard (RTBH), Gender justice is also mainstreamed throughout the Oxfam OPTI Country Strategy, addressing the double layer of inequality and violence Palestinian women face, i.e. occupation and patriarchy. The OCS guides Oxfams collective work in the OPTI from 2016-2019 which will be used to focus resources, campaigns and programs over the course of four years to meet our strategic goal and change objectives.

Oxfams Theory of Change on Gender Justice envisages that more Palestinian women will achieve and claim their rights, meaning that changes must take place at the individual, household, and systemic levels. At the individual level, we mean individual mens and womens attitudes and beliefs underpinning systemic gender discrimination must change along with individual womens access to resources, including voice and decision-making processes, access to services for GBV, sexual and reproductive health, capital assets, etc. At the systemic level formal policies, laws and practices of institutions must change along with socio-cultural norms and exclusionary practices (such as in matters of economic, political, civil and social rights) which maintain everyday inequality. These levels are inter-related in as much as it is individual men and women that produce and reproduce behaviours and attitudes endorsed and acceptable by their society and laws and policies reflect and fossilize these believes.

Overall objective of this consultancy

The objective of the consultancy is to support Oxfam in the development of a programme backbone document in line with Oxfams OCS in OPTI to operationalize the Gender Justice change goal that will ultimately help in the delivery and resource mobilization of Gender Justice programming including gender mainstreaming in OPTI.
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Bids must include the following:

-A letter of motivation outlining how your experience, skills, qualifications and professional background fit with the required deliverables (maximum one page) attaching at least two concrete examples of similar work demonstrating the consultancy service requirements.
-A Curriculum Vitae (CV) detailing relevant skills and experience including three contactable referees (maximum two pages).
-A detailed budget in EURO covering all consultancy related costs inclusive of VAT.
-A proposed detailed methodological approach, timeline and work plan based on the key deliverables described above; (the selected consultant will be requested to adjust the work plan for resubmission- as the first deliverable, following the signing of the consultancy contract with Oxfam).

The bids should be submitted via email in a PDF format addressed to Fadi Touma, Gender Programme Officer with a copy to Anton Naber:

received no later than midnight GMT, January 12th 2017

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