Natural Language Processing Software Engineer

الوصف الوظيفي

We are looking for an experienced NLP Software Engineer to join our technology company to develop and integrate Arabic NLP technology to RedCrow’s platform. We are looking for someone with a keen interest in building, deploying and supporting our text processing services across our Platform to extract and interpret data collected from open sources.

Key Responsibilities

  • Have responsibility for the creation and development of our NLP/AI product strategy and software
  • Work closely with the Product team to understand current challenges when it comes to using, understanding and presenting the results of Text Analytics
  • Undertake regular analysis of the collected data, highlighting trends, suggestions and frequent issues that arise. Present this analysis to the Product team to review, so that actions may be taken.
  • Plan a process of escalation and closure of issues that arise due to any inaccuracies that may occur

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متطلبات الوظيفة

Knowledge, Skills & Experience

  • Solid Java development experience
  • Experience with NLP technologies and managing the unstructured data/information
  • Strong knowledge of ML techniques (e.g., HMMs, maximum entropy models, boosting/decision tree, neural networks (CNN, RNN) etc.);
  • Experience in Text Analytics and Big Data Analytics: Identification and extraction of different types of key elements (i.e. topics, locations, threats…)
  • Experience in social media monitoring: manage, analyze and extract insight from social media posts, profiles and conversations
  • Strong understanding of text pre-processing and normalization techniques, such as POS tagging
  • Strong knowledge in software development lifecycle (development methodology, source code management, debugging, testing, deployment, etc.)
  • Degree in Computer Science, Computational Linguistics or related fields from top tier university

Challenge is the need to have:

  • Arabic dialects detector: the ability to detect five Arabic dialects (Gulf, Iraq, Yemen, Levant & Egypt)
  • Arabic topic classifier (i.e. sport, politics, economics… etc.)
  • Mainly, the social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook… etc.) are the sources for the Arabic text.
تفاصيل الوظيفة
المسمى الوظيفي Natural Language Processing Software Engineer
آخر موعد للتقديم 01 - Jul - 2018
المكان رام الله والبيرة
نوع الوظيفة دوام كامل
المستوى المهني متوسط الخبرة
الراتب N/A
الدرجة العلمية البكالوريوس
الخبرة 3 Years
آلية التقديم

To apply Please send you bio and CV to: [email protected]

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