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Terms of Reference (TOR)
(Financial coaching Services)
Oxfam with partners are implementing a four-year large-scale agricultural market development program in the West Bank and Gaza funded by SDC and Danida. The program, ‘Integrated Market Development Program across the occupied Palestinian territory’, seeks to strengthen the potential of the agricultural sector to provide employment and income opportunities of women and men small-scale producers (SSPs). Its overall goal is to contribute to resilient, sustainable, and equitable agricultural growth. 
The program aims to operate at two levels: at the sectoral level to facilitate agricultural market system changes and specific value chains level. The initially selected value chains are high-value vegetables especially baby vegetables; high-value fruit trees, including date palms; and dairy cow value chains, with food processing as a cross-cutting area chain the program will engage in, given its high growth potential and its relevance to women’s economic empowerment. 
UCAS Technology Incubator (UCASTI) is implementing the Agripreneurs component within this program. UCASTI, within its responsibilities, is entrusted to support and develop start-ups and social entrepreneurs in agriculture sector through providing business support package including financial and technical support to 28 innovative ‎ideas in agriculture sector covering individual and customized needs; business development services, legal consultation and services, incubation, and knowledge transfer on technical and managerial levels.
Intervention goal and objectives:
  • Main goal:
The project mainly aims at empowering both youth and women through promoting businesses in agriculture sector.
  • Objectives:
    • Raise awareness of the importance of agricultural sector in alleviating unemployment rate among youth and women.
    • Fostering innovative ideas generations delivered by youth and women.
    • Provide incubation services for 31 start-ups/ideas and assist them to transfer to the local market.
    • Improved economic conditions for more than 75 youth and women and their families.
Purpose of the assignment:
‎UCASTI is considering the selection of highly qualified coach/s who can deliver effective financial COACHING through the entire of incubation period duration (could reach 6 months). The project coaches will prepare finance studies, reports,  and ‎deliver ‎consultations for the incubated projects in order to help them to turn their ‎projects ‎into successful and sustainable businesses beyond and after the incubation period. ‎
‎The Coaching program will require finance coaching . This program also aims, when feasible, to have the incubated projects linked with regional experts or peer to ‎peer experience with ‎startups from the region. ‎
Tasks and Responsibilities:
The Scope of Work to be undertaken by the chosen coaches is described within the following tasks:
  • Review projects documents such as feasibility study, business plan and needs assessment.
  • Meetings with beneficiaries and stakeholder.
  • Conducting field visits for on-site assessment of the projects.
  • Develop a project specific financial report.
  • Provide the incubated projects with the appropriate financial plan to ensure its success.  ‎
  • Conduct periodic visits to the beneficiaries ‎to follow up on work and provide all needed peer to peer and participatory coaching ‎and guided advice to ensure successful and sustainable business processes. ‎
  • ‎Provide advice, guidance and training on applicable financial techniques to facilitate work efficiency and effectiveness.‎
  • Submit reports and statements to UCASTI regarding the financial consultancy that was provided to the incubated projects. 
  • ‎Participate in the necessary meetings with UCASTI team, the beneficiaries and Oxfam.
  • ‎‎ Needs assessments reports for each beneficiary.
Based on the report, the number of coaching hours will be identified; with minimum coaching hours is 10 hours on average per project
  • Financial coaching assessment and action plan for the entire coaching period for each beneficiary.
  • Preparing and submitting ‎periodic progress and status reports that includes all coaching sessions related to the field of coaching
  • Drafting Success stories ‎summaries together with UCASTI and Oxfam team.
  • Final coaching report for each project. 
  • Any documents used during consultancy assignment.
The work period will commence on or estimated to be on the 20th of Jan till 20th of Jun 2021. The work timeline may be altered by UCASTI at its discretion.

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متطلبات الوظيفة
Qualifications & Skills:
The consultants must have the qualifications, capacities and experiences to conduct the above activities; they must have the following minimum requirement:
  • University degree (preferably masters) in the following fields in finance or financial management.
  • Minimum of 5 years of proven coaching experience in the above identified fields (preferably in similar assignments). 
  • Must have a satisfactory performance record. 
تفاصيل الوظيفة
المسمى الوظيفي Financial Coaching Services مرشد مالي
آخر موعد للتقديم 13 - Jan - 2021
المكان قطاع غزة
نوع الوظيفة العقود والاستشارات
المستوى المهني متوسط الخبرة
الراتب N/A
الدرجة العلمية البكالوريوس
الخبرة 5 Years
آلية التقديم
General Terms and conditions
  • Financial Proposal:
    • Prices are valid for 30 days.
    • The submitted offers should be in USD.
    • Financial proposal to be clearly reflecting the deliverables mentioned above. 
    • Prices include all types of expenses such as transportations, communication, etc.
  • The number of assignment hours will be identified jointly with the coach after the submission of the needs assessment report. 
  • Specific terms and conditions:
  • Bidding is open for Individual consultants or group of consultant with proven experience in relevant assignments.
  • The consultant must submit two separate sealed envelopes. The first envelop is a Technical Offer and the second one is Financial offer.
  • The interested consultant must provide all administrative documents (profile, contact details, technical experience, samples of produced documents and CVs).
  • The technical offer must include; 
  1. An elaborated methodology to perform the required tasks. 
  2. Samples of previous relevant work for each consultant engaged in the offer. (is advantage)
  3. The CVs of the consultants clarifying related experience. 
  • Budget for carrying out the assignment according to above conditions /pricing per hour
  • The deadline of the proposal submission is 13th  January 2021 on 02:00 PM at UCASTI office at Community Service and Continuing Education Center - Fifth floor - Gaza - Al Sina'a Street - behind Majed Pharmacy Tel: 2824495 ext: 140
Awarding process
Offers will be assessed first on their technical merit using the evaluation criteria below. Only technical scores of at least 70 points will qualify for the financial review. The financial offer weight is 30% from the total weight while the technical offer is 70% of the total weight. 
The technical offers will be scored according to the following points:
  • Submitted working methodology/approach
  • Related experiences of team
  • Scientific background and degree (considering the identified role)
  • ‎Submitted Work plan
* The number of assignment hours will be identified jointly with the coach after the submission of the needs assessment reports.
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