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Short Consultancy
Program :Access to physical rehabilitation services for PWDs in the WB_Palestine
Planned in: November 2010 (5-7 days)
Handicap International is an international organisation specialised in the field of disability.  Non-governmental, non-religious, non-political and non-profit making, it works alongside people with disabilities, whatever the context, offering them assistance and supporting them in their efforts to become self-reliant. Since its creation, the organisation has set up programmes in approximately 60 countries and intervened in many emergency situations
Project background
HI has been operating in Palestine since 1996 and has developed relationship with several disability stakeholders. According to general estimations by WHO, between 7-10% of a given population would have some kind of disability; in the Palestinian Territories, this implies that the figure would be around 270 000 – 390 000 people. Regular assessments were done in order to identify needs of PWDs in oPt.

The findings of the last assessment are described below:
-Lack of information of PwDs on services available and how to access it
-Lack of quality and appropriate assistive devices
-Low quality of rehabilitation services not addressing the users' needs
-Limited accessibility to rehabilitation services for PwDs
-Increased number of PwDs and deterioration of the socio-economical situation in the OPT

Project Specific Objective: Persons with disabilities can access to holistic physical rehabilitation services in the West Bank
-Expected result 1:The physical rehabilitation centres operating in the West Bank deliver holistic services.
-Expected result 2:PwDs are able to obtain a diverse range of adapted to their specific needs and affordable assistive devices (AD's)
-Expected result 3:Accessible transportation options facilitate PwDs' access to rehabilitation services
-Expected result 4 :PwDs, their families and all relevant stakeholders have information about the existing rehabilitation services
The consultant will design a database for the purpose of data entry and processing in close coordination with project team and partner staff. The purpose of this database is to organize and store both qualitative and quantitative data collected from persons with physical impairments. The output of this database will enable implementing organizations to figure out essential indicators about the current status of satisfaction of PWDs regarding access to physical rehabilitation services and contribute, therefore, into the efficient formulation of the project strategy and activities.   In addition, the consultant will train the staff of the HI partner organisations who will implement the survey on the data entry.
Based on correct understanding of the project purpose and expected output of the survey from the project documents and HI team, the consultant is expected to achieve the following objectives during the 5-7 days period:
-Ensure correct understanding of the project purpose and expected output of the survey from the project documents and HI team.
-Build the database in relation with questionnaire parts (the questionnaire is around 60 multiple choice questions and data will be collected from 400-500 informants in 2010 and the same figure in 2013) ensuring correct linking of questions and coding (if necessary).
-Ensure that partner staff is fully skilled to proceed with the data entry process and use of the database, troubleshooting, training in methodology of data base and production of result, coaching and trial...

Duration of the consultancy and expected dates
-The consultancy will take place during November 2010 (5-7 days), the consultant commit during the survey time (2-3 months period) to support in troubleshooting of the database upon need via phone or direct support.
-The consultant will work from HI office in Ramallah

Qualifications required
BSc. or MSc. in programming.
Professional skills required
-At least 2-3 years experience in programming
-Proven experience in IT consultancy
-Strong understanding of application processes and database architectures
-Strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills
-Strong analytical skills
-Result oriented

Suggested workplan:
Day 1 :Briefing at HI office in Ramallah and meeting with the PMU
Day 2 :Survey indicators
Day 3 :Building the database, tables, links
Day 4 :Building and testing the database
Day 5 :Workshop jointly with HI team to train the DPO staff on data entry
Day 6 :Handover, discussions and feed back with survey staff
Intrested candidates may please send their resume with cover letter before the 2nd of November 2010 to: [email protected]

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