Jericho Youth Development Resource Center (YDRC) Coordinator

About the Jericho YDRC:

The Jericho YDRC, which is situated at an ideal location in Jericho city, works to expand educational and leadership opportunities for Palestinian youth throughout the Jericho District to develop their personal and technical skills, and to increase their engagement in their communities. The YDRC offer training and other activities in areas such as leadership, media, ICT, employability, sports and cultural activities. The Jericho YDRC is hosted by the Good Shepherd Youth Club, and is currently seeking strong candidates to serve as the YDRC Coordinator and help take the lead in strengthening the YDRC and expanding its programming for youth.

About the Good Shepherd Youth Club:

The Good Shepherd Youth Club (GSYC) is a youth club in Jericho with a vision to “promote and sustain youth leadership and civic engagement” by providing a healthy and friendly environment where youth can realize their full capabilities and promote and advance their full participation in social, sport, and educational activities as they contribute to building a democratic and free civil society.

About IREX:

IREX is an international non-profit organization providing thought leadership and innovative programs to promote positive lasting change globally. In the West Bank, IREX is implementing the Partnerships with Youth (PWY) program, which aims to provide Palestinian youth with increased opportunities to realize their potential to effectively contribute to social and economic development in their communities. The PWY program works to achieve this objective by supporting youth innovation and learning through the YDRCs.

Summary of Responsibilities:

The YDRC Coordinator will manage all activities at the YDRC and will report to and work closely with GSYC board members. S/he will also receive support and coaching from PWY staff to ensure s/he will be able to introduce and manage new training programs and activities, and to supervise a team of trainers, volunteers, and youth interns. Specific duties will include, but are not limited to:
- Develop a work plan of activities and oversee implementation of the programs.
- Develop and implement a strategic plan in cooperation with GSYC board and with full engagement of the youth in the district.
- Work with the GSYC board members to build the institutional capacity of the YDRC and ensure adequate management systems are in place. Implement new or improve existing policies, processes, and procedures related to organizational and financial management of the YDRC.
- Identify and network with potential partners in the public and private sectors at the local, governorate, and national levels, and lead the YDRC’s efforts in fundraising and resource mobilization.
- Maintain a database of youth beneficiaries, and prepare biweekly and monthly reports.
- Represent the YDRC at all events and activities, create communications products, and ensure media visibility of the YDRC.
- Other duties as assigned by the GSYC board that contribute to the overall success of the YDRC and its ability to provide programs to youth in the district.

Qualifications and Requirements:

Candidates should have a university degree in a relevant field and a minimum of two to five years of progressive experience in areas related to youth education, development, and empowerment. Candidates should have demonstrated capabilities and skills as follows:
- Demonstrated expertise in program management, ability to prepare and manage work plans, and experience planning strategically and creatively to meet specified objectives.
- Ability to manage multiple programs at once.
- Knowledge of youth development and youth-serving organizations (YSOs) in the West Bank.
- Two-five years of experience in managing and providing support to youth groups or implementing youth programs.
- Ability to supervise several staff members, interns, and technical consultants.
- Experience with reporting, communications, and outreach and networking.
- Strong written and verbal communications skills and ability to present effectively the YDRC’s profile and programming.
- Ability to work productively as part of a team.
- High proficiency in English language skills is required.

To apply please send your CV along with a cover letter and names of three references to

by 5:00 pm on December 10th 2016
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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