The Nuseirat Social Training and Rehabilitation Center Association (NSTR) was founded in 1991 in Nuseirat camp the biggest one in the Middle area.  The Association was initially established to cover the needs of the persons with disabilities and to enhance the abilities of the normal ones.

The Association (NSTR) is currently implementing a project " Inclusive society for all; Empowering people with dishabilles in the Middle Area " - second phase in partnership with El Wedad Association and funded by the Medical Aid for Palestinian (MAP).

The  center seeks to appoint a director for the project in accordance with the following conditions :


Project Management

-Manage and coordinate project activities, including administrative and financial aspects, while ensuring strategic planning and systematic coordination of MAP project activities in the frame of the overall project.
-Manage day-to-day project implementation and overall coordination of project outcomes
-Ensure supervision of the project staff and ensure effective communication and coordination
-Identify any support and advice required for the management, planning and control of the project
-Guide and orient efforts and contributions of consultants and other staff members towards achievement of project objectives, including the mobilization of services to initiate activities.
-Maintain effective, professional and regular communication with all stakeholders, including project staff and beneficiaries.

Monitoring and Evaluation

-Ensure timely preparation and compilation of the project work plans and narrative and financial reports to be submitted to MAP
-Update the monitoring and evaluation tools, including the systematic gathering of quantitative and qualitative data from the field and the analysis of its content, putting forward an effective results-based management approach.
-Prepare monthly reports on key project activities, issues and required action points, along with progress reports following the schedule as planned in the agreement.
-Update on risks and issues based on the results of the monitoring and evaluation processes.
-Manage the transfer of project deliverables, when applicable, including documents, files, equipment and materials.
-Ensure the establishment and maintenance of a proper electronic and paper filing systems.


-Bachelor degree in relevant discipline; social and development studies, Economics, Business Administration, or other relevant fields.

-A minimum of 5 year experience in projects/programs management in the area of persons with disabilities, community development, or other relevant topics
-Managerial experience in the field of development and cooperation with civil society, international organizations, community-based organizations and donors
-Knowledge of the issues in the Palestinian context
-Fluency in English and Arabic are essential (written and spoken).
-Experience in using Microsoft software packages, particularly Word and Excel.

Please attach your CV as well as certificates and any related papers to

The last date for submission of applications on Monday, 20 / 02 / 2017

للاستعلام يرجي الاتصال على هاتف الجمعية رقم 255194008 او جوال رقم 0599420127
او المراجعة على عنوان الجمعية الكائن في قطاع غزه – النصيرات – الدوار العام – بجوار عياده الوكالة

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