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Production of Awareness Materials

Handicap International (HI) is an independent international solidarity organization which works in situations of poverty or exclusion, conflict and natural disasters. Working alongside people with disabilities and people in vulnerable situations, the association takes action and speaks out in order to meet their essential needs and improve their living conditions. Handicap International is committed to campaigning to ensure their dignity is preserved and their fundamental rights upheld. Since its creation, this international solidarity organization has set up development programs in over 60 countries and works in various emergency contexts.
Since 1996, Handicap International has implemented various actions with local partners in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. In a territory beset by chronic crises, political instability, and a declining economic and social situation since the second intifada in 2000, Handicap International aims to respond to the needs of persons with disabilities (PWDs) and to make structural improvements to their lives.

Project Background & Summary:

Through the project Post-emergency intervention to provide essential multi-disciplinary rehabilitation services to the most vulnerable women, men and children in Gaza, HI aims at supporting the quality of multidisciplinary functional and psychosocial services to the most affected population on the Gaza Strip by the last crisis erupted in summer 2014. To this end HI is supporting 4 local partners organizations to provide outreach multidisciplinary rehabilitation services by professionally trained staff to the most vulnerable persons with disabilities PwDs in the five governorates. HI provides ongoing technical support to partners teams to ensure quality of their intervention and services provided to beneficiaries as part of its technical support.
On the other hand, the project also seeks to respond to lessons learnt form 2014 crises in term of increase the responsiveness of humanitarian actors and community members towards persons with disabilities needs during emergency. Thus HI is planning to:

-Strengthen the capacity of the humanitarian actors for better including Persons with disabilities and persons with injuries needs and demands within their emergency plans. To this effect, HI, in collaboration with representatives of people with disabilities, will provide technical support to those actors willing to better serve people with disabilities. This support will include supporting them in developingadjusting their contingency plans from a disability lens.
-Raise the community members and humanitarian actors awareness on necessities to include persons with disabilities in all preparatory actions to face possible emergency and consider it upon implementation.
Its worthy to mention that persons with disability representatives will participate in developing the content of the awareness materials.

Description of required services:

 Service Objective:

To design and develop awareness materials adapted to the needs of the targeted audiences seeking to promote inclusive and equitable access of persons with disabilities to humanitarian services.

Expected tasks form the service provider (SP):
- Work closely with HI focal contact person during the conception and development of the awareness materials.
- Modify and adjust the designs and content based on HI comments which will be provided within agreed time frame.
- Pre-test the material to sample audiences to ensure they serve the purpose for which they are developed
- Prepare scenario for video based on HI input and share the draft before production for inputs.


Based on a clear action plan and timeframe, the SP is expected to meet the following tasks:
- Produce 5 big Billboards, 100 M2, (located on the roadside): design, print and disseminate at vital location in Gaza strip.
- Produce 20 small billboards, A3 size, (located in the road-island): design and print (50*70 cm, 4 colors).
- Produce 3000 Brochures: design and print (trifold brochures250 gm paper, multiple color, laminated and transparent cover for each brochures).
- Design and print 500 notebook calendars for the year 2017: (A5 size, print 4 colors on calendar cover only).
- Produce 200 copies of a 2017 year calendar, A3 size.
- Upload all produced materials on 300 flash memory USBs, size 32 GB, and brand Toshiba.
- Produce a short video: 2 - 4 minutes video with the layout developed closely with project team.

Scope of the service provision approach and methods:

- HI will share the content of key messages with service provider,
- SP will start to design and draft the materials and share them with HI within the agreed timeframe.
- HI team will provide their comments and feedback accordingly,
- Based on comments and feedback, the SP will modify the drafts.
- After addressing all comments, the SP will proceed to finalize the products.
- Production of Short film process:

- Propose a scenario.
- Share with HI film material for validation.
- Providing English subtitles for the interviews and voiceovers (to be edited by HI before final production) as Subrip (.srt) files;
- Provide Sign language for the interviews and voiceovers.
- Ensure branding of HI and Donor at the beginning and the end of the video.

The service provision timeframe:
The media SP will be expected to perform the service within three months starting from 2nd January 2017 until 31st March 2017. The service provider will be expected to interface with HIs partner service providers located in the five targeted areas (Gaza, North Gaza, Middle Area, Khan Younis and Rafah) in the process of offering their service.

Service Provider profile:

The SP should be specialized in media productions, having the following qualifications:
- Registered and authorized media company;
- Considerable experience in producing public information, video films or TV programs, relating to social matters (some samples of your work maybe required) where possible related to disability;
- Excellent technical capacities to ensure smooth and high-quality media production;
- Experience in working with INGOs, NGOs, and local CBOs and where possible those working with vulnerable or marginalized groups;
- Excellent communication, planning and organizational skills;
- Ability to work under pressure and meet prescribed deadlines.

Process of the selection of the service provider:
HI invites bids from qualified companies to send the following which should include:
- Financial offer detailing the price of each product as its illustrated in article 2.2.
- CV of the experts involved detailing relevant experiences, skills and experience no more than 3 pages.
- One sample of a relevant previous job, preferably from international donor funded project.
- A proposal detailing how the service will be done, no more than 2 pages.

Please note that the companies will be responsible to pay any income tax related to this service. Proposed budget should be inclusive of all expenses (daily rate, transportation, translation, communication, etc),

The selected SP will respectively bear the cost of incurred for the current advertisement on Jobs.ps

Offers should be received no later than 22nd December 2016,
to :


Please reference the title as: Production of awareness materials in the subject line of your email.
The selection criteria that will be applied will focus on two levels:
- Financial offer proposed by the applicant (50%);
- Profile of the SP experience and skills (50%);

Note: HI reserves the possibility to split this services provision amongst more than one company/ service provider.

Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
Selected applicants may be invited for interview.

Handicap International is committed to protect the rights of the children and opposes to all forms of child exploitation and child abuse. HI contractors must commit to protect children against exploitation and abuse.

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