Sales Account manager

Job Category:     Sales
Level/Salary Range:Based on Qualification   
Position Type:    Full Time
Qualification     B.A in Engineering/IT / Business Related   
Experience:    5-6 years

Job Purpose:
Selling IT Solutions and Products.

Duties based on the market level
Develop and maintain an awareness of market behavior and competitive trends and respond accordingly.

Duties based on accounts level

Create new accounts & target new customers, new customers divided in to:
-End user
-Follow up with: 

all offers submitted

Clients & Maintains relationships to be close enough to write our RFP
-Establish new leads
-Complete scheduled and cold call prospecting activities to establish first and follow up appointments with customer decision makers
-Managing all activities related to Dealers channels in the middle area.

Duties based on Solution /product level
-Aware of Full IT solution
-Sells products by establishing contact and developing relationships with prospects; recommending solutions

Experience & Qualifications:
-Five years of practical experience in Sales/Marketing for IT Solution
-Have a hug base of customers in the region
-Bachelor degree in Telecommunication Engineer

Note: Please read carefully all the required duties & qualifications before applying

Applications Accepted By:

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