Production of a Documentary Film about East Jerusalem

Job Description.

In East Jerusalem we place a specific focus on (the risk of) demolitions of Palestinian homes and evictions (among others in relation to illegal settlement expansion), the risk of revocation of residency status/permits as well as lacking access to basic services. These are violations of international humanitarian law and human rights law having severe humanitarian consequences and contributing to making it more and more difficult for Palestinians to stay in East Jerusalem.    We wish to produce a documentary film supporting us in raising awareness about this: we wish to visualize and personalize life and rights-violations in East Jerusalem in a way that relates to a European audience - creates identification, is aesthetic and creative. We also want to show the diversity of Palestinian society and have no intention of contributing to portraying Palestinians as merely victims. Using the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Silwan as the starting point/case is an idea – but we are open for suggestions.  The film could be a portrait of the neighbourhood, a portrait of a family facing demolition or expulsion, a snap shot of youth- or child life in Silwan or the struggle to counter a specific rights violation. It could also be something else. It’s up to the filmmaker to develop the concept and the creative take. What is important for us is:

-That personal stories also shed light on broader dynamics of occupation and its rights-violations
-That the film uses creative and original tools to give the residents of Silwan (or another community) a voice
-That the film involves youth and appeals to a young international audience.   

The Documentary film should be between 15-30 minutes long.
The film will be screened in six European capitals and used for DCA and PalVision advocacy with public and duty-bearers in Palestine and abroad. We also hope that the filmmaker will have an interest in supporting the distribution of the film.

How to apply:

The Candidate shall complete and submit the following documents with his proposal:

-Proposal Submission Form (Annex 3) duly completed and signed by the Candidate
-Organisation and Methodology using the structure in Annex 2
-CV. highlighting the Candidate’s experience in the specific field of the Services and his/her specific experience in the country/region where the Services are to be performed and including examples of previous work;
-Company registration certificate (if company) Individuals can apply as well.

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DEADLINE: Technical and financial proposal should be submitted no later than August 8th, 2016 at the following email:

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