Medical Network Officer

Company Description

NatHealth acts as the focal point where medical claims received from health care providers are audited and adjudicated utilizing our e-claim system features, including the smart card technology. This facilitates prompt payment to the rendering service provider. We strive to provide quality service to the end user while ensuring the lowest possible claim cost to insurance companies and self-insured corporate funds.

Tasks & Duties

-    Sign contracts with Health Care Providers who come to NatHealth officer after approval of these providers is given by the related parties.
-    Assist in solving customer complaints received through the phone by coordinating with the operations department and entering these complaints on the complaint system.
-    Contact Health Care Providers when information on claims is not clear or missing for verification.
-    Assist in delivering monthly cheques and statements to health care providers who come to reception area to collect them.
-    Reply to any inquiries related to the cheques and statements immediately if possible of after consulting with the related departments.

Minimum Requirement

-    BA in Pharmacy, Medical Imaging, Medical Laboratory, Nursing, or any other related field.
-    Minimum one year experience in related business.
-    Very good written and spoken English and Arabic.
-    Very good computer skills.
-    Excellent knowledge of MS Office and familiarity with relevant computer software.

Candidates should submit their CV’s to  

Closing date: 20-07-2017.

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