Evaluation of the Urban Gardening Project:
Project title: Promote urban gardening in Gaza


The evaluation is intended principally for learning and accountability purposes.  It is meant to highlight strengths and weaknesses of the project and recommendations to guide future program work in this area.  It is expected to generate relevant findings, lessons and recommendations to be shared with key stakeholders and used by implementing agencies to guide and inform future programming in urban gardening in Gaza.
The evaluation should be combined with a research to explore the opportunities for scaling up the urban gardening approach in Gaza. This will include researching UNRWA and ministry of education needs, interest, requirements for possible funding/scale up of the urban gardening project to UNRWA and governmental schools.

We aim to start the consultancy on June 15th, 2017 and finish by the end of June 2017. Field work in Gaza should be in the period of 15th of June 2017 until 24th of June 2017.

Please send a proposal to DCA on


by 30th of May 2017 COB

For more details about this Consultancy ,please see the full ToR

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