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Capacity Assessment/ Business Planning For Womens And Mixed Livelihood Groups (CBOS/ COOPERATIVES/ GROUPS) In Gaza

Date: November 13th, 2016

CARE WBG is seeking a consultant / consulting firm to assist in a project implemented by CARE WBG and funded by the Global Affairs Canada. The project title is Rehabilitating and Strengthening Food Security in the West Bank and Gaza (AYADI). The Ultimate Outcome of the project is Lives saved, suffering alleviated and human dignity maintained, with an intermediate outcome of Reduced vulnerability of crisis-affected people in the West Bank and Gaza, especially women and children. This project will provide support to the livelihoods of 34,295 individuals across the West Bank and in Gaza, representing approximately 17,262 women & girls and 16,999 men & boys. The project is implemented in 4 Governorates in the West Bank (Jordan Valley and Eastern Slopes): Nablus, Tubas, Jericho, and Hebron and in 5 Governorates of the Gaza Strip: Rafah, Khanyounis, Middle, Gaza and North Gaza.

Requirements and Qualifications:

If you are interested in participating in this consultancy competition, please submit an offer that includes the following:

Academic Qualifications:

- High degree in economics, agribusiness, business development social science, capacity building, cooperative work, good governance and management, Gaza, supply chain management, business development, administration, CBOs, (international) marketing, public administration, or any relevant fields with an emphasis on economic development and/or empowerment. International development and relations, strategic management, political science or community development, gender mainstreaming, with an emphasis on women economic empowerment would be an asset.


- More than 10 years experience in business planning and business development with emphasis on womens economic empowerment.
- Working in community development and CBOs/cooperative capacity building with special emphasis on socio-economic empowerment issues with evidence, scalability and sustainability.
- Having good thematic experience in assessing and managing/ development agribusiness (especially relating to promoting, marketing and sales of agricultural products locally and internationally) projects/programs.
- Previous products assessments and development, especially for /agricultural products - Socio-economic development experience
- Practicing the empowerment of small to medium procedures to improve their livelihood.
- The consultant/ firm must showcase and demonstrate their knowledge and experience relating to gender equity and mainstreaming in business planning and development.

Competencies and skills:

- Excellent understanding of agricultural/agribusiness products.
- Extensive knowledge and analytical skills based on studies, research, experience, or occupation in dairy/livestock, SMEs development thematic areas;
- Conceptual and critical thinking as well as analytical skills;
- Conversant in market assessments and social research methodologies (qualitative/ quantitative); - Advanced interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written) in both Arabic and English. - Ability to arrange and manage all logistical issues related to the implementation of the assignment.


Deliverable I:
- 12 capacity assessment reports for each of the 12 shortlisted womens and mixed livelihood groups (CBOs/ Cooperatives/ Groups).
- One Report covering the nomination and top-ranking of six womens and mixed livelihood groups from the shortlisted groups in Gaza Strip, with reasonable prove justifications and selection criteria and scoring matrix that is agreed upon by the CARE consortium. This task could be overlapping with the business plan development for the top ranked six womens and mixed livelihood groups. This means the consultant/ consulting firm should not wait till preparing and completing all assessment reports to proceed in business plans; it is necessary to overlap activities between Task I (Capacity Assessment) & Task II (business plans development).

Deliverable II: - Six business plans including operational and feasibility plans for each of the six topranked womens and mixed livelihood groups in Gaza Strip. Out of the six developed business plans, only 5 business plans will be supported in Gaza Strip. The additional one business plans will be kept as backup only.  In addition to the six business plans, the Consultant/ Consulting firm is to prepare a summary document about the common business opportunities, weaknesses and areas for development, synergies that the team should take into account, common technical, management, and non-technical needs, lessons learned, etc.

Technical Offer:

- Executive Summary, explaining why applicant is the most suitable for the work (500 words).
- Provide a very well elaborated and comprehensive detailed methodology on how the assessment will be carried out; taking into account the three stages (desk review, field work and the development of the report). The Consultant/ Firm needs to clarify how they intend to address the various components of the business plan and not just provide an overall and high level methodology.
- List of team members along with their suggested levels of effort. A current and complete list of C.Vs for the suggested team personnel in English with indication of 3 references as well as the permanent e-mail and phone contact.
- Detailed action plan taking into account deadlines listed in duration section. Also, the Consultant/ Firm is to indicate any support they expect from CARE.
- Portfolio of Experience: provide lists of similar (and commentary) business plans and related assessments, projects, etc., to assess competencies and skills of the applicant (for those who have already parts of information that can feed in this assessment, please share a list that will be kept confidential).

- Budget/Financial Offer: − Pricing should be submitted detailing (break-down) in USD currency excluding vat for the following line items: A. Capacity Assessment & nominating targeted womens and mixed livelihood groups. B. Business Plans Development.

How to submit your offer: Please submit your complete offer to procurement department by sending email to

no later than Sunday, November 27th, 2016. Please make sure to send your offer by email with subject CAREWBG - AYADI - Consultancy Service RfQ - Your name. Thank you Najwan Al-Halabi Gaza Admin/Procurement Officer CAREWBG - Gaza office Tel #: 08 - 2820450 / 60

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