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Under the direct supervision of UNIFEM oPt Head of Office and in close coordination and cooperation with the Women Human Rights Unit Manager, the Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant will undertake the following tasks and responsibilities:

Duties and Responsibilities:
1-Work in close coordination and cooperation with UNIFEM Women Human Rights Unit team;
2-Submit to UNIFEM, no later than ten days from the start up of the assignment, a detailed plan of monitoring activities as agreed with UNIFEM focal points;
3-Develop, no later than one month from the start up of the assignment and in close consultation with UNIFEM focal points, a M&E system, while revising, through a participatory approach with implanting partners, existing projects logical framework matrixes. The M&E system will specifically include:  
a-Development of an overall M&E framework indicated projects (annual project reviews, participatory impact assessments, process monitoring, progress reports, etc);
b-Revision, through a participatory approach, of quantitative and qualitative indicators per each project component. With specific reference to the Hebron Spots project, the consultant will take into consideration indicators previously adopted for similar antiviolence services, while  adapting them to the specificity of the spots; 
c-Identification of key performance questions and parameters for monitoring project performance and comparing it to targets; 
d-Development of a performance report format;
e-Definition of mechanisms for data/information collection highlighting responsible parties, frequency, tools and activities for data/information collection,
f-Definition of framework and procedures for the evaluation of project activities,
g-Review of existing data in the projects area, the utilized methods of data collection and the degree to which those data/information will provide good baseline statistics for impact evaluation;
4-Present the M&E systems to and develop skills among the project partners so as to ensure its effective implementation;
5-Supervise and contribute to the collection of project data. Regarding the Hebron Spots project, data collected will be relevant to spots performance and outreach by spots staff and will be finalized jointly with UNIFEM, Differenza Donna and the Women's Cultural Center in Dura. The data will be collected according to the developed M&E system;
6-Systematize, in a chronological manner, all collected data in an electronic format, produced on a monthly basis; 
7-Prepare and maintain folders of all data logs (in paper) regarding all of the requirements of the monitoring plan;
8-Gather, on quarterly basis, feedback and information from project beneficiaries and partners. With regard to the Hebron Spots project, feedback will include, without being limited to, spots provision of services, and will be done in cooperation with UNIFEM, Differenza Donna and the Women's Cultural Center in Dura. Diversified and wide-ranging provision of inputs regarding spots provision of services will guarantee relevance and comprehensiveness of the information collected;
9-With specific reference to the Hebron Spots project, gather feedback and information, upon need and after consultation with UNIFEM team, with stakeholders and professionals running/cooperating with other antiviolence services in oPt, to assess coordination with and complementarity of these services with the "Zohra" spots; 
10-Assess, through the data/information collected, the relevance of the activities and / or services provided in relation to National Strategies. With reference to the Hebron Spots project, the reference will be the National Strategy to Combat VAW;
11-Provide analytical interpretation of collected data and submit to UNIFEM monthly updates, in writing, on project implementation ensuring timely, regular and reliable submission of relevant information. With reference to the Hebron Spots project, focus will be on data and information related to spots performance and outreach, while flagging challenges and gaps;
12-Report, on a monthly basis, on all monitoring tasks including field work;
13-Develop and submit to UNIFEM quarterly monitoring reports on project implementation highlighting lessons learnt and possible steps forward. With reference to the Hebron Spots project, the quarterly monitoring report will also highlight interaction between the spots and other antiviolence services in oPt within the framework of the development/implementation of a national strategy for protective services for women in oPt; 
14-Develop and submit to UNIFEM final evaluation reports highlighting overall achievements, lessons learnt, and challenges of the monitored and evaluated project.  With reference to the Hebron Spots project, special focus will be on highlighting:
a-innovative aspects of the initiative,
b-its relevance to a national strategy for protective services for women,
c-its relevance to UNIFEM strategy to combat violence against women,
d-its complementarities with other initiatives in the field of combating violence against women, 
e-its potentials in terms of sustainable, nationally owned continuity and/or replication of the initiative;


a)M&E system and plan
b)Monthly data collection
c)Quarterly monitoring reports, per each monitored project
d)Final project evaluation report, per each evaluated project 

Corporate Competencies

-Demonstrates integrity by modelling the UN’s values and ethical standards; 
-Promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of UNIFEM; 
-Treats all people fairly without favouritism.
Required skills and experience

-BA degree in: Social Science, Mathematics, Computer Engineering or related fields;    
-At least 3 years of proven working experience in the areas of monitoring and evaluation, preferably in projects related to social areas of work;
-Demonstrated knowledge of gender and human rights concepts; specific experience in VAW-related projects and/or services for the protection of women from violence is an asset;
-Excellent communication skills, oral and written, both in English and in Arabic;
-Understanding of project management frameworks;
-Ability to work as part of a team, in partnership, and to perform independently;
-Understanding of national institutional frameworks is an asset;
-Personal commitment, result oriented, and capacity to work effectively and under pressure and to deliver timely.

How to apply:
Interested candidates will submit to UNIFEM, no later than 15 November 2010 CV (or UN P11 form) and a cover letter. Applications will be sent via e-mail to: [email protected] Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interview.

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