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Identification of TVET Occupational Profiles and Training Programs


IREX is a global development and education organization. We strive for a more just, prosperous, and inclusive world—where individuals reach their full potential, governments serve their people, and communities thrive. With a projected annual portfolio of more than $100 million and more than 600 staff worldwide, we work with partners in more than 100 countries in four areas essential to progress: cultivating leaders, empowering youth, strengthening institutions, and increasing access to quality education and information.


IREX is implementing a USAID program “Forsah TVET” in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza. Forsah TVET supports technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institutions to better prepare Palestinian graduates for the labor market and to productively engage in local and regional economies. 

Through partnership with non-governmental Palestinian TVET institutions, Forsah TVET will collaboratively develop new or upgraded training programs. These programs will support Palestinian career paths and link students to employment opportunities, or help them start their own businesses, in increasingly in-demand sectors. Through partnerships, Forsah TVET supports TVET institutions’ responsiveness to the needs of the private sector and the effects of climate change; creates new partnerships between the TVET institutions and the private sector; and increases the number of skilled graduates. In addition, Forsah TVET will support enhanced career development services and mentorships for students. Forsah TVET activities will work with youth to improve awareness of TVET programs and increase student enrollment in partner institutions. 

To focus Forsah TVET activities on developing new or enhanced training programs in alignment with market needs, Forsah TVET has conducted a rapid sector prioritization exercise and identified areas of strong economic activity and growth in alignment with TVET opportunities. In the next step, Forsah TVET is partnering with TVET institutions, who will in turn work collaboratively with the private sector and youth through Shared Value Meetings (2-day joint meetings including the TVET institution, relevant private sector experts, and youth representatives) to identify key occupational profiles in the sectors of their interest and select training programs to meet those needs. All sectors of interest will fall under the earlier identified sectors in the rapid sector prioritization exercise. This year, Forsah TVET is expected to partner with six TVET institutions and identify one TVET training program per partner TVET institution to co-design through Forsah TVET. The six partner TVETs and their sector of interest are expected to be identified by early July. 


IREX is seeking a consultant to conduct two-day Shared Value Meetings (SVMs), including partner TVET institutions, private sector experts, and youth representatives. The consultant will conduct the 3 two-day SVMs in 3 geographic locations (governorates), 1 two-day SVMs per location, and work with six partner TVET institutions to identify one or two training programs per each TVET institution relevant to labor market needs in the economic sector of interest for each partner institution, to co-design through Forsah TVET program. The consultant will work with IREX team to plan for the SVMs’ needs. The exact geographic locations, economic sectors, and SVMs dates will be identified once the six partner TVET institutions are identified by Early July.

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متطلبات الوظيفة


Building on the identified economic activity sectors through the rapid sector prioritization exercise, the consultant is expected to:

  1. Review the identified and selected target sectors by the six TVET institutions.
  2. Define criteria for TVET programs selection.
  • Collaborate with Forsah TVET team to plan for the Shared Value Meetings’ needs.
  1. Conduct a two-day SVMs in each identified geographic location (3 locations in total) and work on each targeted/ selected sector with the presence of experts in the field (private sector), TVET institutions, and youth representatives, to:
    • Review and identify professions in each of the selected sectors.
    • Define the jobs in each profession.
    • Determine the training subjects for building training programs according to the recommendations of the private sector, youth representatives and experts in the field.
    • Determine the scope of the required training by defining the main tasks of the training. This will serve as a reference in the future for determining the competencies related to the tasks.
  2. Writing a report documenting TVET programs selection process, the training needs, and subjects in each sector, and the selected TVET training program for each institution with the main tasks.

The SVMs’ logistics arrangements (including coordination with partner TVET institutions, private sector and youth participants, invitations, space reservations) and costs (including space rent, catering, and materials) will be covered by IREX.


This assignment is envisioned to be conducted over a period of 2 weeks with an approximate start date of June 25th, 2023until July 1st, 2023, until August 10th, 2023. The estimated needed level of effort shall be indicated by the applicant in their submitted proposal.


Final Report (in English) including TVET programs selection process and criteria, training needs for each sector, and the selected training program for each partner TVET institution with the main tasks for each program.

Submission Date: August 10th, 2023               

The report shall be submitted to IREX and electronically in a Microsoft Word file, as well as, if requested in writing by IREX, in hard copy. 

IREX reserves the right to comment on, and request revisions to, any products or deliverables prepared by the consultant. Provided such comments and requested revisions are conveyed to the consultant in a timely manner.


The Forsah TVET Performance Improvement Manager will monitor the consultant’s work progress and will assess implementation of the assignment and submission/completion of all deliverables. The consultant will provide periodic verbal and written progress reports and recommendations. 


The consult is expected to have the following key qualifications and experience:

  • A master’s degree (or equivalent) in social and human sciences, education, educational economy, engineering, or any related fields (as a requirement).
  • At least 7 years of experience in the TVET sector with at least 5 years in TVET curricula development events facilitation, including experts’ workshops and demand-driven training programs design.
  • Previous experience with TVET stakeholders and actors, including PSUOs.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the functioning of employment and skills development sector in the West Bank and Gaza.
  • Ability to communicate fluently in English and Arabic and write reports in English.
تفاصيل الوظيفة
المسمى الوظيفي TVET Consultant
آخر موعد للتقديم 30 - Jun - 2023
المكان قطاع غزة, القدس, رام الله والبيرة, الخليل, بيت لحم, أريحا, سلفيت وبديا, نابلس, جنين, طولكرم, قلقيلية, طوباس, روابي
نوع الوظيفة العقود والاستشارات
المستوى المهني إدارة عليا/تنفيذي
الراتب N/A
الدرجة العلمية الماجستير
الخبرة 7 Years
آلية التقديم


  • Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
  • Technical proposal: 60%
  • Financial proposal 40%


Interested applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Document 1: Technical Proposal (maximum of 3 pages) including a description of the approach, envisioned work plan toward the deliverables, and anticipated challenges.
  • Document 2: CV
  • Document 3: Relevant Past Experience (1 page)
  • Document 4: Financial proposal including estimated Level of Effort, daily rate, and total amount.

Please send the above in one email to [email protected] by CoB June 30th, 2023. The assignment title should be placed in the email subject.

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