Trainer for (ToT) Program for Women Survivors of Violence

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Terms of Reference

Training of Trainers (ToT) Program for Women Survivors of Violence

Programme titled “HAYA Joint Programme: Eliminating Violence Against Women”


The Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development (PWWSD): 

Established in 1981, The Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development (PWWSD) is a non-governmental women’s, mass, developmental, and learning human rights organization that contributes to developing feminist struggle within national, social, and developmental dimensions. The organization believes that liberating women is connected directly with ending the occupation and establishing a full Palestinian democratic sovereign civil state. PWWSD is active all over West Bank including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip and is an active member in several local, regional, and global networks and coalitions. 

The Palestinian Working Women’s Society for Development (PWWSD) aims for a free and democratic Palestinian society based on gender equality, respect for human rights and social justice. The organization promotes women empowerment, women’s participation in the national struggle against the Occupation, women’s contribution to the development processes, the entitlement of woman to political, economic and civic rights, women’s access to justice and their right to a life free of violence.

HAYA Joint Programme: Eliminating Violence Against Women:

The HAYA Joint Programme brings together the Palestinian Authority (PA), UN agencies, civil society organizations, community-based organizations, and other partners to reduce vulnerability of women and girls to all forms and threats of violence. This Joint Programme is funded by the Government of Canada and implemented by a consortium of UN agencies consisting of the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN Habitat), and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). The Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the Ministry of Social Development are key partners of the HAYA Joint Programme, along with other ministries including the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Heath, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Local Governance, and various civil society organizations. 

The HAYA Joint Programme seeks to eliminate violence against women and girls through various outreach and awareness-raising activities to change harmful practices and attitudes perpetrating and validating violence, increase access to necessary services such as livelihood training, forensics, medical, and psychosocial treatment, and access to security and shelter for survivors of violence, as well as strengthen the institutional capacity of government officials to develop and implement legal and policy frameworks promoting and protecting women’s and girl’s rights to live free from violence. It also focuses on ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all, achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls, and making cities inclusive safe, resilient, and sustainable. 

Under the guidance of UN Women through the HAYA Joint Programme, these interventions are being implemented through four civil society organizations: The Palestinian Working Women's Society for Development, Sharek Youth Forum, Women’s Affairs Center and Palestinian Center for Human Rights.

The overall outcome of PWWSD’s work with the HAYA Joint Programme is to reduce the vulnerability of women and girls to all forms of violence by working with victims and survivors capabilities to speak up and break their silence and advocating for increased access to gender-responsive EVAW services. 

The HAYA Joint Programme utilizes the “Positive Deviance” approach which works with community members whose uncommon behaviors enabled successful and better results than other community members facing the same challenges, despite not having extra resources.  As part of the Joint Program, The Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development (PWWSD), is working towards achieving two main outcomes: 

  • Women and girls have increased ability to freely and safely make informed decisions to use EVAW services and advocate for comprehensive EVAW services, through amplifying positive deviance and society’s awareness. 
  • Increased knowledge and capacity of women to demand budgeted and results oriented services to eliminate VAW. The interventions of PWWSD are taking place in 20 different locations across 5 governorates in the West Bank, namely: Hebron, Ramallah, Nablus, Qalqilia, and Jenin. 

Purpose of the Training of Trainer (ToT) program and Scope of Work: 

Under the framework of the above mentioned program, PWWSD seeks to contract trainer/s to conduct ToT training program for women survivors of violence “Positive Deviants” as well as women leaders at their communities. The ToT program aims toward building the capacities of women in the following topics: 

  1. Concepts and themes: gender equality, gender-based violence, and positive deviance approach. 
  2. Protection Mechanisms (individual, support groups, and peer-peer model). 
  3. EVAW Services and resources available for women victims/survivors of violence with a focus on the procedures of the referral system in Palestine. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

The trainer/s is expected to:

  1. Prepare a training plan and submit it to PWWSD at least one week prior to the start of the training. 
  2. Prepare evaluation forms, collect and analyze data related to the impact of the training sessions on the participants. 
  3. Develop training manual/s on the above mentioned topics as well as training materials to be shared with the participants. 
  4. Carryout the ToT program in coordination with PWWSD team. 
  5. Prepare a full-detailed report and submit it within 10 days following the training. 

Duration of service: 

The duration of the ToT program is expected to be between Aug. 20th.2020 - Oct.30th.2020. However, due to the current circumstances related to the outbreak of COVID-19, any changes to the plans will be taken into consideration. 

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متطلبات الوظيفة


The trainer/s should: 

  • Have solid experience in implementing similar trainings with at least 5 years of experience in working in this filed. The trainer must be well familiar with the referral system and have adequate knowledge of EVAW services in Palestine. 
  • Have proved experience in training or working with women victims/survivors of violence. 
  • Have knowledge in gender issues and believes in the essentiality of achieving gender equality.   
  • Good command of reading and writing in English and Arabic. 
تفاصيل الوظيفة
المسمى الوظيفي Trainer for (ToT) Program for Women Survivors of Violence
آخر موعد للتقديم 17 - Aug - 2020
المكان رام الله والبيرة
نوع الوظيفة العقود والاستشارات
المستوى المهني متوسط الخبرة
الراتب N/A
الدرجة العلمية البكالوريوس
الخبرة 5 Years
آلية التقديم

Submission of Technical and Financial Offer: 

The ToT program will be conducted with the participation of at least 50-75 women from Ramallah, Hebron, Jenin, Qalqilia, and Nablus (10-15 from each governorate). At each of the mentioned locations, a 3-day training program will be implemented. However, the structure of the ToT program, number of days, locations, are subject to change due to the current circumstances. 

Interested trainer/s are requested to submit the following: 

Technical offer:

  • Suggested training plan with some/all training topics; with the preferable locations. The trainer/s might chose to conduct the training in one or more of the mentioned locations. 
  • CV with previous training experiences related to the scope of work. 

Financial offer

  • Detailed budget showing the price/hour in ILS including transportation of trainer to the selected location/s of training; all price offers must be inclusive of VAT noting that 5% will be deducted on individual price offers in case of absence of Tax invoice. 

Interested trainer/s can submit their technical and financial offers in Arabic or English via email to [email protected]  no later than Monday 17/8/2020 indicating the subject line “ToT program Trainer“ Trainer are encouraged to apply for part or all of the above mentioned training topics. 

PWWSD is not obliged to contract only one trainer for this service; considering the circumstance, PWWSD might consider contracting more than one trainer for the above mentioned topics. The overall program will be developed with the trainer/team of trainers who will carryout the ToT program. 

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