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Technical Advisor 

Organization Name Stars of Hope Society (SHS)
Project Name Masarouna Project 
Assignment duration    June- December 2021 


Persons with disabilities are among the most marginalized and disadvantaged social segments in the world, where they are socially isolated and deprived of the active participation in their communities.  Most of PWDs are denied their basic rights; employment; freedom of movement; voting; participating in sports and cultural activities; enjoying social protection; accessing justice; choosing medical treatment; and entering freely into legal commitments. Impediments may include, but are not limited to, the lack of awareness about disability needs and disability rights to education, employment, and legal representation, both among the disabled persons themselves and among their caretakers and the general public. In Palestine, many (PWDs) are denied their basic economic, social, and cultural rights by default; they are frequently severely marginalized and commonly live-in extreme poverty, a situation that creates a fertile environment for abuse, ill treatment, and violations, and renders PWDs extremely vulnerable. According to the latest survey conducted by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) in 2017, PWDs constitute 5% of the Palestinian population. There is a general lack of specialized health-care services, financial resources, sufficient and/or accurate data on disability, and efficient and effective policies and legislations to protect them. 

Moreover, family life in Palestine continues to be influenced, by a centuries-old patriarchal kinship system. A system that is institutionalized in law and organizational procedures, and social attitudes which all increase women marginalization and vulnerability. Up to now, Palestinian women still face many challenges in the field of gender equality, where they face challenges resulting from discriminatory laws, regulations, and policies in force, including a lack of effective representation in the state and non-state structure and fragile participation. In such male-dominated societies, women and girls with disabilities (WGWDs) face double discrimination based on gender and disability where men with disabilities and non-disabled women have a greater chance to be educated, protected, employed or even socialize.  


The Stars of Hope Society for the empowerment of women with disabilities (SHS) is the only organization in Palestine that has been established in response to the high levels of discrimination against women and girls with disabilities (WGWDs)combined with the lack of relevant organizations. SHS was found in 2007 to address the needs of women and girls with disabilities and to abolish disability and gender discrimination; and empowering WWD to achieve equality; access to integration; and claiming their rights through implementing and rights-based development programs and projects; and advocating for the implementing, monitoring and evaluating laws, by-laws and policies


Masarouna is a five-year regional program, the program aims to mobilize the power of young people (YP), aged 18-35, for collective action in MENA to support their fight for greater freedom of choice and respect for their SRHR through new and innovative pathways for change and support their work for greater freedom of choice and respect for their Sexual and Reproductive Health and rights. The project will work on strengthening youth engagement in civil society towards influencing decision makers and society to address inadequate legislation and harmful traditional norms that affect their SRHR. Additionally, the project will work on strengthening civil society and the formation of new partnerships and alliances to lobby and advocate for SRHR and opening up space for their voices.



SHS seeks the services of a Technical Advisor to support SHS team in the analysis and integration of the SRHR and GBV against young women with disabilities in the project plans and interventions. The Technical Advisor will in general assist SHS team by providing advice, coaching, and guidance around the SRHR and GBV aspects during the first year of the project – with possible extension.  In the same context, SHS is conducting a research on SRHR and GBV impact on women and young women and a Disability Audit throughout the project, where the role of the technical advisor will revolve upon providing technical expertise to the development of the research and disability audit. 

Summary of key functions: 

The Technical Advisor will in general provide the relevant SRHR and GBV technical advice, assurance, orientation and validation to several project activities. The role of the advisor will include collaborating with SHS team in the development and implementation of SRHR dimensions in research, disability audit, and capacity building of the youth groups with disabilities as follows:

  • Develop the SRHR section of the SHS available training material of the capacity building program targeting youth groups with disabilities, this includes the development of the training outlines, content and methodologies.;
  • Provide coaching to the SHS and project staff on the developed SRHR section of the training material;
  • Revise and update the available situational analysis of the SRHR in national context;
  • Review the research (analysis of SRHR and GBV against young women with disabilities) methodology, tools and final products;
  • Review the Disability Audit tools and methodologies and verify the SRHR pertinent components.

For those who are interested, kindly download the full TOR

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متطلبات الوظيفة


An advanced university degree (preferably PHD) in Public Health, Social Sciences, Medicine or any related field. 


5-7 years of working experience in the SRHR field particularly within the national context; 

Extensive knowledge and experience of gender equality and disability inclusion issues;

Previous experience within the health system and health reform is a must; 

Clear experience in policy analysis and research work;

Basic understanding of social health is highly desirable;

Experience in working directly with women and girls with disabilities will be an asset.

Language Requirements:

Excellent communication and written skills in Arabic is required; 

Good verbal and written communication skills in English is desirable.

تفاصيل الوظيفة
المسمى الوظيفي Technical Advisor 
آخر موعد للتقديم 06 - Jun - 2021
المكان رام الله والبيرة
نوع الوظيفة العقود والاستشارات
المستوى المهني متوسط الخبرة
الراتب N/A
الدرجة العلمية الدكتوراة
الخبرة 5 Years
آلية التقديم

Offers in response to this TOR must be received no later than 06-Jun-2021 in accordance to the requirements of the TOR. Please send your offers to the following addresses no later than 15:00 pm;

SHS Office – Ramallah

Al-Irsal St.

Al-Amal Bld., Ground Floor

Telfax: +972 2 2963454, 0598456738

For any questions, please contact Stars of Hope Society at: Telephone: +972 2 2963454 or mobile: 059-2501533.

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