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The main aim of this consultancy is to provide specialized technical support to the Ministry of Local Government (MoLG) as part of the EU-funded project named "Achieving Planning and Land Rights in Area C, West Bank – Palestine (2019-2024)," which is managed by UN-Habitat Palestine. The consultant will take charge of managing ongoing technical assistance for MoLG, addressing issues related to spatial planning, with a specific focus on Area C in the West Bank.

The consultant's central responsibility will involve ensuring a continuous provision of technical guidance to MoLG, resolving their day-to-day spatial planning needs, particularly in the complex circumstances of Area C. Moreover, the consultant will be assigned the task of collecting substantial evidence to enable a comprehensive examination of the Humanitarian-Development-Peace (HDP) interconnections throughout the entire West Bank. This examination will place special emphasis on areas that MoLG has previously targeted for interventions.

Organizational Setting

UN-Habitat, the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, has been tasked by the UN General Assembly with the mission of advancing socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities. As the central hub for all matters related to urbanization and human settlements within the UN framework, UN-Habitat plays a pivotal role.

Since its establishment in 2003, the Special Human Settlements Programme for the Palestinian People (SHSPPP/UN-Habitat, Palestine) has established a longstanding collaboration with the Government of Palestine, represented by MoLG, to offer expert assistance in the realm of spatial planning. With financial backing from the European Union, UN-Habitat is dedicated to sustaining its technical support for MoLG, aiming to realize a shared vision of a sustainable urban future in Palestine.


The Special Human Settlements Programme for the Palestinian People (SHSPPP/UN-Habitat, Palestine) has been actively providing expert technical assistance to MoLG concerning spatial planning matters throughout Palestine, employing an approach focused on specific areas. Notably, a significant emphasis has been placed on Area C of the West Bank, which is under Israeli control. In this context, SHSPPP has supported MoLG in crafting comprehensive spatial plans. These plans have been extensively discussed with Israeli authorities, primarily aimed at curbing demolitions of Palestinian structures. Furthermore, they facilitate community-oriented social infrastructure initiatives, garnering support from both the Palestinian government and donor entities.

In collaboration with MoLG, UN-Habitat aims to enlist the services of a consultant. This consultant will work under the direct supervision of the Senior Urban Programme Officer at UN-Habitat. The primary objective of this assignment is to bolster MoLG's technical capabilities during the execution of spatial planning interventions in Area C. Additionally, the consultant will provide valuable technical aid in mapping out humanitarian and developmental interventions within Area C, aligning with the principles of the Humanitarian-Development-Peace (HDP) nexus.

Duties and Responsibilities

The consultant will carry out the following tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Collaborating closely with the urban and regional planning department at MoLG.
  2. Monitoring the progress of local implementing partners involved in the creation/updating of local outline plans and other planning initiatives both within and beyond Area C.
  3. Taking charge of particular technical endeavors as requested by the Senior Urban Programme Officer at UN-Habitat.

The Ultimate Result of Service.

This assignment will contribute to the enhancement of technical and spatial planning capacity for the department of urban and regional planning at MoLG. In addition, this assignment will lead the mapping efforts of HDP interventions implemented by relevant stakeholders in Area C.

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Qualification Requirements/Evaluation Criteria


At minimum a Bachelor Degree (BSc) in Spatial or Urban Planning, or combined expertise of spatial planning and civil or architecture engineering.


Fluency in English and Arabic languages.


Minimum of 3 years of relevant working experience in areas related to spatial and urban planning, preferably within the planning context of Area C of the West Bank.


Demonstrated expertise in conducting and facilitating urban and spatial planning processes.
Good knowledge of MS-Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint); knowledge of ADOBE design suite (ID, Illustrator, Photoshop) and/or standard GIS software (ArcView, ArcGIS, QGIS), and AutoCAD programmes.

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المسمى الوظيفي Spatial Planner
آخر موعد للتقديم 27 - Sep - 2023
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