Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning

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Enabel is the Belgian development agency. It implements Belgium’s governmental cooperation. The agency also implements actions for other national and international donors. With its partners in Belgium and abroad Enabel offers solutions addressing pressing global challenges: Climate Change, Urbanisation, Human Mobility, Peace and Security, Economic and Social Inequality, and Global Citizenship. With 1,500 staff, Enabel manages about 150 projects in twenty countries, in Belgium, Africa and the Middle East.

Enabel Palestine is seeking to recruit a highly qualified candidate to fill the position of Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. This person will be a member of Enabel team working for three interventions "Skilled Young Palestine, Local Government Reform and Development Reform and Development Programme & Schools Constructions". s/he will be working at the Enabel office in Ramallah. The period of assignment is 3 years.

Job description

The Monitoring and Evaluation Officer ensures that the interventions are provided with relevant information about results in order to use it for monitoring the performance of the intervention, for reflection & learning on the change processes, for decision making, for reporting to learn as well as to inform future interventions by Enabel or its development partners.  


  1. Put in place a monitoring system of the results of the programme in order for the interventions to have all necessary information to follow up performance, to support strategic decision making, to render accounts of results achieved and to generate the necessary data for evaluation, action research and knowledge building.          
    - In association with the partner(s) and the programme team, provide methodological support for the analyse the ‘information needs’ on the basis of the intervention document (TFF);  

- Operationalise the indicators by identifying the information needs into the results monitoring framework; 

- Propose and put in place data collection methods (quantitative and qualitative) in line with the needs and the existing systems. 

- Develop and put in place the planning;  

- Ensure that there is a framework/committee analysing the data collected; 

- Put in place a tool to manage all data collected; 

- Support knowledge building/action research by collecting relevant data and entering these in the monitoring system; 

- Put in place a quality assurance system for the data collected; 

- Complete the monitoring matrix, based on the above, and elaborate the intervention’s Manual for Results Monitoring, in accordance with the Enabel M&E policy and the guidelines in the matter. 
2. Coordinate and ensure results monitoring (data collection and data analysis) in order to provide each indicator with information and to be able to use the information obtained to follow up performance, to support strategic decision making and to report on results, and to promote reflection & learning. 
- Organise data collection in accordance with the set planning of the monitoring activities and the technical specifications for each indicator; 

- Supervise data collection (quantitative and qualitative methods), also if carried out by third parties; 

- Train/accompany/coach staff members (including staff of partner organisations) who are involved in data collection;  

- Carry out quality control of generated data; 

- Prepare the data so that they can be analysed jointly with the intervention/programme team and support the team in organising data analysing and reflection moments 

- Ensure that data and insights are captured in the appropriate systems; 

- Support results reporting put in place by the coordinator; 

- Ensure that results reporting is clear and sound and based on the analysis of generated information, in accordance with Enabels guidelines; 


  1. Advise the Intervention Managers on decision making, planning and monitoring activities in order to support intervention management in accordance with the management for results principles. 

- Support systematically the intervention managers in analysing the results information, andin identifying decisions to be made at operational level (min. quarterly) or at strategic level (min. semesterly) in order to achieve the outcome of the intervention and to contribute to impact 
- Support the IMs in preparing presentation of data for the Steering Committee meetings Adapt the results framework & its monitoring matrix - after decisions by the IM or Steering Committee to adapt the intervention.  

  1. Facilitate and support learning activities in order to support installing critical reflection & evidence-informed learning in the intervention and to ensure that lessons are identified and that the relevant experiences from execution are capitalised on and disseminated. 

- Flag – as soon as the monitoring system is put in place and throughout the intervention’s execution, learning opportunities whenever the opportunities arise. 

- Organise and accompany reflection, learning & knowledge building exercises; 

- Ensure that knowledge is developed in relevant and useful formats and that these contribute to HQ’s learning objectives;  

- Capitalise on good monitoring practices and share and disseminate the tools developed. 
5. Promote a results-oriented culture and ensure that management for results becomes a common responsibility in order for Enabel as an organisation to be recognised for its results

- Train co-workers and specific staff from partner organisation in management for development results and continuous learning. 

- Contribute to an atmosphere that is conducive to having the whole technical team of the programme take on responsibility for achieving the development results as a shared responsibility and take on critical thinking attitudes; 

- Support the dissemination the results achieved at different (local and Enabel) levels, with the assistance of the Communication colleagues; 

- Disseminate the knowledge building outputs via various channels, with the assistance of the Communication colleagues. 

  1. Network with M&E experts of Enabel and other organisations in order to continuously learn, share lessons learned, remain informed of recent M&E evolutions and adopt an innovative attitude.

- Collaborate with the head office / M&E coordinator on innovative results-oriented monitoring approaches; 
- Network with results monitoring experts of other programmes of Enabel in the country and sub region; 
- Get involved in sector initiatives in the country about results monitoring;  

- Contribute to external communication with the Communication officer at the Enabel Representation.  

  1. Facilitate capacity development of partner entities in order to improve monitoring of their organisation, processes and systems and of their staff’s competences. 
    - Assess – whenever required - the management of partner entities; 

- Advise partner entities on actions to be taken to improve their monitoring system and the use of data for learning, decision making & reporting; 

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متطلبات الوظيفة

Level of Education Required for the Job

Master's degree.

Specific competences or knowledge required

At least 3 years of relevant monitoring & evaluation experience in various development interventions. 

Specific competences or knowledge considered an asset

- Knowledge of data management/statistics; 

- Expertise in M&E methodologies, including the various approaches and theories, the norms and standards, the quantitative and qualitative methods, the quality and validity of data, the analysis and interpretation of the data; 

- Expertise in developing and implementing data-collection instruments, reporting and learning exercises (evaluation, action research, knowledge building).


Good knowledge of Arabic and English 

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المسمى الوظيفي Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning
آخر موعد للتقديم 03 - Jan - 2021
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الخبرة 3 Years
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Apply here on-line with an application letter and your updated CV, at the latest by 03/01/2020.

Only applications that are registered here via our on-line portal will be considered. 

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