ICT Consultant for Automated Business Registry System (ABRS)

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Operational-Level ICT Consultant for Automated Business Registry System (ABRS)


DAI is the implementing agency (PIA) looking to hire a qualified Operational-Level ICT Consultant for the Automated Business Registry System (ABRS) component of the Innovative Private Sector Development (IPSD) Project.

Project Overview

The Innovative Private Sector Development (IPSD) project is the Ministry of National Economy (MoNE) project funded by the World Bank (WB) and implemented by DAI as a Project Implementing Agency (PIA). IPSD is a US$22 million project with the objective of improving economic opportunities for individuals and firms in the West Bank and Gaza (WB&G). It also falls under the World Bank’s overarching objective to alleviate market failures related to gaps and binding constraints in the entrepreneurship ecosystem of the digital economy including human capital, financing, product markets, enabling policies, institutional support, and connectivity.


The ICT Consultant will support MoNE in implementing and operating a digital solution for the Automated Business Registry System (ABRS).

Key Functions

The ICT Consultant will work in the MoNE’s office as a part of the operational team for the implementation and later operation of the ABRS digital platform. The ICT Consultant will collaborate with other ICT consultants at MoNE, as well as legal and other specialists, and the vendor hired to implement the ABRS digital system to deliver the following tasks:

  • Support the communication to the stakeholders in meetings and workshops about the scope and approach to implement the ABRS.
  • Participate and receive ICT training on underlying digital technologies and tools for implementing the ABRS, including business process analysis and design, agile project management, user experience and interface design, database management, and utilization of digital tools for ABRS (e.g., Docker, Forms.IO, Camunda, and other tools).
  • Understand the Law, regulations, and customer requirements for ABRS, collect information on procedures, information needs, registries, and databases.
  • Support the data analysis of MoNE’s existing databases, document archive, and data collected using the online forms since April 2022 for developing data consolidation procedures (including any data migration) to form an accurate and unified company registry database under the ABRS.
  • Gather and develop business requirements and other necessary inputs requested by the selected vendor for configuring the ABRS system.
  • Support detailed requirements analysis for the modules requiring software development (such as online company registry search) and support communicating the requirements to the engaged vendor for ABRS.
  • Support the ABRS vendor in designing and developing ABRS, including the prioritization of functionalities (e.g., applying product backlog), deployment, testing, and installation for production use.
  • Support MoNE and the ABRS vendor in setting up the hosting, both primary and disaster recovery locations. Ensure access to the hosting environment to the ABRS vendor specialists. Participate in deploying the ABRS to the hosting environment. The primary and disaster recovery location will be configured using the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology (MoTIT) data center and MoNE data center.
  • Support the integration of MoNE’s other solution with the new ABRS system and the external system’s integrations, such as the integration for data exchange between ABRS and the Ministry of Finance Revenue Management System (RMS) for the integrated company registration procedure. The integration work will involve the identification of data requirements, development of the data exchange specification (e.g., using Swager), and any support necessary to develop the data exchange interface, preferably applying the government interoperability/data sharing platform (UXP), or point to point data exchange application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • Support the integration of ABRS with the Hukumati e-Government platform for single-sign-on services, e-Payment, and publishing the information on the company registration services on the Hukumati portal.
  • Support the business process analysis to document detailed business processes following the BPMN standard in Arabic and English.
  • Receive IT training on the ABRS from the vendor, including the configuration of data, processes/workflows, application forms, output document templates, users and roles, statistical reports, etc.
  • Participate hands-on in the configuration of the data, processes, and services on the ABRS digital platform.
  • Provide any required translations to Arabic of the ABRS user interface, forms, and documents that will be configured in the ABRS digital platform.
  • Participate in developing the user manuals and other training materials based on inputs received from the ABRS vendor.
  • Participate in the testing of the ABRS, in particular on the user acceptance testing (UAT), based on the test scenarios that will be developed by the ABRS vendor.
  • Participate in developing the train-the-trainer plans for ABRS and in delivering the training on ABRS to end-users.
  • Support the inventory and installation of the new computer and network equipment that will be purchased under the project for ABRS operation.
  • Assist in maintaining the ABRS and ICT equipment related to ABRS operation and user interaction.
  • Ensure ABRS is running smoothly by providing system administration and maintenance, ensuring data protection, and providing end-user support. Run a daily health check on the different platform components to ensure that the application availability meets users’ expectations, record and support the prioritization of any improvements.
  • Oversee help desk ticketing resolution and ensure that help desk tickets are entered and resolved in a timely matter.
  • Perform periodical evaluation of help desk tickets to coordinate user training as needed and update user manuals based on the most common issues.
  • Provide prompt support to the technical team providing the digital solution for the ABRS.
  • Perform other tasks related to the implementation and operation of the ABRS in coordination with the MoNE IT focal point for ABRS and under the supervision of the PIA/DAI’s ABRS Resident Advisor.

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متطلبات الوظيفة

Qualifications and Experience

The implementation of this assignment will require the services of an ICT professional with experience in business analysis and design, digital systems design and operation, understanding of digital infrastructure and systems operations, and who has:

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field.
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in software development and business analysis.
  • Fluency in English and in Arabic is mandatory.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office packages is required (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Project).
  • Experience in full-stack development is preferable, including Java and other programming languages and frameworks.
  • Knowledge and experience in business process analysis and design applying BPMN will be considered as an advantage.
  • Knowledge and experience in database design and administration, and SQL, will be considered as an advantage.
  • Familiarity with data center and ICT hosting will be considered as an advantage.
  • Motivation to learn new skills and digital tools in a short period of time.
  • Knowledge of local regulatory framework and business environment is a plus.
  • Ability to work under pressure in a team, handle complex/conflict situations, and be proactive in terms of identifying and implementing the next implementation steps.
  • Analytical skills, attention to detail, problem-solving skills.
  • Communication skills and ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams.

Location and Reporting

It is expected that the ICT Consultant work in the office at MoNE in Ramallah whenever possible. The ICT Consultant shall coordinate the reports/ deliverables with the IPSD Ministry Resident Advisor and IPSD Project Director.

The ICT Consultant will perform his/ her duties in coordination with MoNE IT focal point for ABRS, and in consultation with PIA and other relevant Project stakeholders as appropriate. The Consultant will be in constant contact with the IPSD ABRS Resident Advisor and IPSD Project Director to keep him informed in a timely manner of activities, progress, issues, and risks.

تفاصيل الوظيفة
المسمى الوظيفي ICT Consultant for Automated Business Registry System (ABRS)
آخر موعد للتقديم 23 - Jul - 2023
المكان رام الله والبيرة
نوع الوظيفة العقود والاستشارات
المستوى المهني متوسط الخبرة
الراتب N/A
الدرجة العلمية البكالوريوس
الخبرة 3 Years
آلية التقديم

To Apply:  If you would like to be part of a dynamic project team and are interested in submitting your CV for consideration, please apply through the following link:


Individual position postings including job description and qualifications sought can be viewed at the link provided. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for additional information. 

All applications must be received no later than Sunday, July 23, 2023.

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