Development of QADER Fundraising & Partnership Strategy

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Terms of Reference (ToR)

Development of QADER Fundraising & Partnership Strategy



QADER for Community Development is a Palestinian non-governmental, not-for-profit, and independent organization dedicated to promoting better well-being of persons with disabilities in Palestine. Since its founding in 2008, QADER has assumed its functional responsibility thereinafter addressing the disability issue from a human rights perspective, and demonstrated a rights’ based approach in tackling the various issues of persons with disabilities.

During the years 2014-2017, QADER had driving strategies for its core programs; mainly, enhancing commitment of public institutions towards fulfilling the rights and needs of PwD, enhancing disability awareness, promoting performance of non-state actors in addressing the needs of PwD, and fostering active participation of PwD in social and economic life.

 Objective of the Consultancy:

The objective of this consultancy is to develop a fundraising and partnership strategy for QADER for Community Development. This strategy will be tightly connected with QADER’s strategic plan for the years 2018-2022.

The proposed consultancy will support the development of a fundraising and partnership plan for QADER for Community Development. The Strategy will address the changing donor landscape and assess lessons learned from past and current resource mobilization and partnership efforts. On this basis then, the Strategy will explore new non-traditional aid modalities including through global Foundations and private sector organizations and outline a systematic and strategic approach to strengthening existing partnerships and identifying new partnerships as well as the diversification of funding resources.      

The expected timeframe for the project is 1 month. 

Description of task(s):

Based on the above, the consultant shall carry out the following tasks:

Review organizational documents including previous and new strategic plans, proposals, reports, website and any other relevant materials provided by QADER;
Hold Meetings with QADER staff, stakeholders including partners (PA institutions, CBOs and NGOs) and donors to better understand and capture the organization’s vision, mission, objectives, mode of work and added value;
Assess present fundraising and partnership strategies and activities;
Assess the present donor landscape in Palestine including ODA trends; donor policies and prioritization of persons with disabilities including children and women; national laws and policies on persons with disabilities; and the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and their prioritization of persons with disabilities including as transversal/cross-cutting priorities;
Map a set of locally-based donor strategies (government and NGOs)  and assess their incorporation of support for persons with disabilities – narrative summary and as an annex;
Map a set of globally-based donor strategies (governments, foundations, private sector and NGOs)  and assess their incorporation of support for persons with disabilities in the Middle East in general and in Palestine in particular  – narrative summary and as an annex;
Based on the above two points, explore and pursue opportunities for short and long-terms partnerships – leveraging and mobilization of resources, advocacy potentials and entry points (in line with QADER’s objectives and programs);

Submission of a comprehensive Resource Mobilization and Partnership Strategy



Fundraising and partnership strategy in English



Required Skills and Experience

Education: Holder of at least a Master’s Degree in the social sciences, economics or development studies.


At least 10 years’ experience in the development sector, preferably in fundraising, resource mobilization or partnership building.
Experience of donors’ system operations and donor assistance Language Requirements: Fluency in spoken and written English is essential.


This assignment will be implemented within 1 month from the signing of the contract.

Level of Effort

The consultant is expected to accomplish the tasks associated with the consultancy assignment within the designated timeframe and for an estimated input of time/effort of up to 20 days for the whole assignment (8 working hours for each). Actual working days shall be recorded using a time sheet.


Other Issues

The consultant will be remunerated according to the input justified by the time sheet given the total time/effort input does not exceed the total specified input in this ToR


Payment terms

 Payment will be done upon completion of all tasks and approval of final output.


Offers deadline and Supporting documents

Should you be interested in performing the assignment, please submit (in English):

1-Technical Offer; articulating the proposed methodology and work plan.

2Financial offer; constructed upon number of working days for the consultant and the rate per working day in NIS.

Your proposal should be submitted to [email protected], no later than Tuesday 21 November, 2017, at 14:00 PM.

Please make sure to submit the following with your offer:

A professional CV detailing your qualifications and past experience
A copy of your ID, passport

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