Curriculum Development Consultancy
Terms of Reference

YES Theatre is a theatre project in the city of Hebron working especially with children and young people. These groups are particularly affected by the situation of Israeli occupation and suffer from daily security risks, restricted mobility and, in consequence, psychological stress. YES Theatre aims to capacitate youths to address and mitigate these negative experiences through participation in theatrical projects. The theatre’s YES4YOUTH program focuses in particular on the training of 19 – 24 year old university graduates or young professionals as multiplicators.

Project Summary
Starting in 2009, WFD and YES Theatre have cooperated with the overarching goal of enabling young people to improve their resilience towards the detrimental circumstances of the occupation and to cope with violent experiences through creative means. Ultimately, by promoting theatrical expression as a non-violent and participatory approach to addressing psychological and societal problems, the project aims to capacitate youths to contribute to a positive transformation of Palestinian society. Project activities center on the training of youth multiplicators in theatre pedagogy and the subsequent drafting and implementation of theatre plays with kids and youths across Hebron. The project aims at enabling and encouraging the YES4YOUTH program’s participants to independently use their acquired skills to promote and implement theatre as a means to enhance non-violent conflict management and psychological well-being.

Assignment Objective

Yes Theatre for Communication among Youth is now considering the selection of a professional or qualified consultant expert who will assess the current curriculum of Yes 4 Youth Program and provide a new comprehensive curriculum that is based on drama techniques and applications. The consultant has to take into account; the use of drama as a tool for conflict management and peace building. 

Main Tasks and Responsibilities
The curriculum development consultant will be responsible for the following tasks:
-Review and revise the current curriculum of Yes 4 Youth program including the training sessions; expected results, indicators and means of verification.
-Identify in depth strengths and weaknesses of the current curriculum based on the revision mentioned above and the baseline study that was conducted by Yes Theatre for the program one month ago.
-Review similar curriculums of similar programs in the region, especially in the neighboring countries.
-Facilitate a close up retreat in which the consultant will have the possibility to gather the teamwork and reflect on his/her findings and recommendation.
-Provide an updated curriculum based on the fieldwork and retreat’s results.
1-Comprehensive strength and weakness analysis report including benchmarking of the current curriculum with the recommendation actions.
2-First and final draft of revised modified and updated curriculum for Yes 4 Program bases on field works and retreats results.
3-Final Comprehensive report documenting the whole conducted activities including but not limited to: implemented activities, results, findings, recommendation, proposed actions, current needs and learned lessons.

Essential Required Qualifications:
-At least a master degree in theatre, dramas in education or communication form an accredited university.
-Experience in conducting at least two similar assignment of developing informal education curriculums.
-Minimum of 10 years of professional experience in the theatre and drama fields.
-Excellent communication and facilitation skills.
-Excellent reporting in English language.

Contract type
Lump sum contract
Contract period
The assignment will be conducted in one month (September 1- 30, 2015)

Management of the consultancy
Ms. Saja Shami and MR. Thomas Hechelmann will manage the process. The external consultant should relay on them  to arrange and facilitate his/her activities within the consultancy’s targeted areas.

Note: Interested candidates should submit the following documents before the 1st  of August
-A technical proposal in which  the consultancy’s methodology should be clarified.
-A Price offer.

Tel/Fax: 0097022291559

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