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Curriculum Development Consultant


Hisham Hijjawi College of Technology (HHCT) has received a grant from the Quality Improvement Fund (QIF) - Education to Work Transition Project- Ministry of Education and Higher Education and funded by the World Bank for the project entitled: "Development of the Auto Mechatronics Diploma Program". The project is designed to upgrade program curriculum and infrastructure and build the capacity of the academic staff in partnership with private sector employers. It aims also to enhance students’ employability and strengthen collaboration between TEIs and private sectors employers. Accordingly, HHCT seeks the selection and employment of a Curriculum Development Consultant.

Assignment Objective:

HHCT is considering the selection of a professional and qualified consultant to be part of the consultation team, who will be responsible for reviewing and  evaluating the current curriculum of the Auto Mechatronics Program, including course description and teaching methods, and designing the course outlines that need to be developed  taking into consideration  the Needs Assessment recommendations.

Tasks and Responsibilities

Curriculum Development Consultant will be responsible for the following tasks:
-Design and implement proper methodology to conduct this assignment.
-Review the Auto Mechatronics curriculum and confirm the  courses to be upgraded, taking the Needs Assessment recommendations  into consideration,
-Review the labor market Needs Assessment report and the study tour report,
-Suggest areas of interventions and needed actions to improve the course content, procedure, tasks, assessment schemes, Project selection criteria, and course outcomes,
-Redesign the selected courses outlines with full description,
-Develop a manual for teaching strategy,
-Define new trends and assessments techniques to be integrated into the courses,
-Give recommendation and specifications about the lab equipment needed to teach the developed lab courses, including three potential suppliers.
-Conduct an intensive training sessions for the HHCT staff.
-Responsible of modifying the developed courses after being tested based on students’ and staff feedback.


-Detailed plan for developing and delivery of educational materials.
-Detailed report about the current courses and justification to upgrade selected courses, taking into consideration needs assessment and study tour reports,
-Update and redesign at least twelve selected courses with detailed outlines and description for each course  after consulting with steering committee,
-A list of references needed to enrich the developed courses. ,
-Update a manual that describes teaching strategies,
-Detailed report about required lab equipment and software with  specifications  and approved potential local and international suppliers including delivery period,
-Training Materials for the TOT.
-Conducting at least 3 training workshops (around 15 training hours) to the academic staff on the developed courses,
-Recommendations for training and building capacity consultant.
-Final Comprehensive Report documenting the whole conducted activities including but not limited to: implemented activities, results, findings, recommendations, proposed actions, current needs and lessons learnt.

Qualifications and Skills

Qualified consultant should hold the following:
-At least a Master degree (PHD preferable) in electrical or mechanical engineering or electrical and mechanical systems, or any related discipline from a recognized University. PhD is preferable.
-Proven experience in conducting similar assignments,
-5 years minimum work experience in higher education institution.
-Currently in touch with local market, and aware of its needs,
-Fluency in English,
-Excellent report writing skills.  

Place of work:  Hisham Hijjawi College of Technology

Time Frame: The expected level of effort for the Curriculum Development Consultant is estimated as 12 weeks of work within the period from April 11th 2015 till July 30th 2015.

Start Date:    11/04/2015

Contract Type:   Lump Sum Contract

Application Process:

Interested candidates should submit their CV along with relevant competencies and comprehensive experience record by email to AbdallaBustami@Najah.edu no later than 15th March, 2015.

The selection process follows World Bank recruiting policies and procedures. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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