Request for Consultancy Submission
Consultancy Number 2/11/2017
Deadline for submission: 28/07/2017

The Palestine Union of Housing Cooperatives (PUHC) with support from We Effect is seeking to engage an experienced consultancy organization or individual national consultant to conduct our “Strategic Plan and Business Plan Revision”

This assignment is part of a project entitled, “ Enhancing the Framework for Cooperation amongst Housing Cooperatives in Palestine” funded by our partners WeEffect.

Organization and project overview:

The PUHC is a union of cooperatives with a vision that emphasizes the right of Palestinians to have adequate housing in Palestine. One of the ways to realize this vision is through cooperative housing projects where people come together in order to establish their own communities using a cooperative housing model. The mission of the PUHC is to represent those housing cooperatives, empower them and work with them to create a conducive cooperative housing environment that can face all legal, economic and colonial challenges.

The aim of the project with WeEffect is to strengthen the PUHC’s capacities to provide services for its members and protect their rights. In carrying out the We Effect project’s main objective, the project will assist in institutionalising the PUHC’s work to ensure that its tasks and operations are standardized and conducted on the basis of certain procedures and plans in a timely manner.

The consultancy firm, team or individual making an application for the contract shall submit a detailed proposal (in either Arabic or English) for the Strategic Plan and Business Plan Revision. The proposal should be divided into two parts, i.e. technical and financial (lump sum).

A detailed description of the assignment can be found in the Terms of Reference which can be collected from the PUHC’s office from 09.00 hrs to 14.00 hrs as from Monday 17/07/2017 until 14:00 of Sunday 23/07/2017
Or you can send email to:

For any further inquiries and explanations you may visit our office at:

CGC Building, 6th Floor
Almada’en St. No.4
Sateh Marhaba

And you can call us at
Telfax: 02-2421429 
by sending email to


المسمى الوظيفي Strategic Plan and Business Plan Revision
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الوظيفة Strategic Plan and Business Plan Revision
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