For a financial technology (FinTech) company which is expanding its office in Palestine. We are seeking for positions of software developers with junior and senior levels with the following qualifications:

- Passion for coding, development and creation of new things in the FinTech world
- Excellent team player.
- Strong problem solving skills.
- Fast Learner.
- Strong Analytical Skills.
- Able to work independently with minimum instructions and supervision.
- Excellent object oriented design and coding experience.

Candidates must know the following technologies:
- PHP language
- Mysql or PostgreSQL Databases
- JQuery, HTML/CSS

Preferred qualifications (Not a must):

- Experience in MVC frameworks
- Working with BigData (Cassandra or similar)
- Data analytics and manipulation
- Experience in Linux system administration
- Background in finance
- Systems integration
- Experience in real-time data feed and integration
- Strong algorithmic techniques

To apply for this position , please send your CV to


المسمى الوظيفي Software/Web Developer
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الوظيفة Software/Web Developer
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