Alibdaa Microfinance is a private company providing microfinance services to the public through its network of branch offices within Palestine. Alibdaa is currently recruiting a Senior Human Resources Officer. For this post, the company is currently seeking a creative and innovative professional to join its management team, who will be responsible for developing and maintaining Alibdaa’s human resource management system. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in human resource and business management.

Job vacancy: Senior HR Officer.
Work station: Head office-Ramallah
Job type: full time.
Deadline for receiving applications: 30/04/2017.

Senior Human Resource Officer

The Senior HR Officer is an independent staff member who reports to the Chief of Finance. This is an important position within the senior management team of Alibdaa, where the incumbent is expected to contribute to Alibdaa’s planning, policies and strategic decision-making and participate in senior management meetings.

Qualifications, skills and experience:

The Senior HR Officer shall demonstrate a wide range of skills across a variety sectors. The requirements for this position include:

-University degree in human resources, business administrations or a related discipline;
-Post graduate degree in business administration or personnel management is desirable, but not essential;
-Three to five years’ experience in HR and/or personnel management and administration in the public or private sector;
-Excellent communication skills.
-Proficiency in business partnering and advisory activities;
-Ability to build rapport with key members of the management team and AlAlibdaa’s Board;
-Ability to represent and communicate the HR function within AlAlibdaa’s strategic environment;
-Confidence in managing HR, while advising managers and supervisors on all aspects of people management and staff development;
-Ability to deal with senior and challenging individuals;
-Experience of change management, pay policy, redundancy and other relevant HR matters;
-Comprehension of the overall business environment of Alibdaa to provide guidance and strategic advice within the company and to its senior executive team;
-Proficient understanding of employment and labour law;
-Deliver a professional and commercial approach to HR management, combined with the ability to ensure high employee satisfaction through appropriate staff development and incentives;
-Ability to lead in an environment of continuous change;
-Experience of working in a flexible, customer-oriented work environment.

Duties and responsibilities:

The Senior HR officer will lead the HR Unit and will conduct the following activities:

-Ensure that the human resource team to deliver modern and comprehensive HR service within Alibdaa;
-Engage in the development and review of HR policies, procedure and processes and ensure that they are implemented in a fair and transparent manner;
-Maintain and update the HR policies, procedures and processes manual, rules and regulations and other relevant documents;
-Ensure that policies, procedures and processes are up-to-date and compliant with Palestinian employment law;
-Ensure that line managers are aware of any changes to HR policy and use the most recent versions in communication with staff; 
-Manage and supervise employee relations, including entitlements, absence, sickness, grievance and disciplinary issue;
-Monitor and evaluate employee satisfaction and turnover and identify areas requiring improvement;
-Provide guidance and support to managers and employees on company benefits;
-Manage and oversee the recruitment process in a fair and transparent manner, while managing and advising on talent and succession planning;
-Provide guidance and coaching to line managers on performance management issues, processes and procedures;
-Advise and coach senior managers on responsible practice in people management;
-Provides guidance on learning and development for senior managers and their teams;
-Implements and develops the annual training plan and budget, in cooperation with executive management, ensuring that it encompasses best practices and the key business needs and staff skills needed to improve the company;
-Manage and/or oversee complex disciplinary and grievance issues centred on legal and company regulations to reach sound and honourable judgements;
-Develops best practice business and people solutions with the HR environment; and
-Performs such other duties as may be assigned.

Work Relationships

-On-going meeting and reporting with the Chief Finance Officer for supervision and guidance;
-Coordination meetings with the CEO on activities related to HR plans and recruitment scheduling;
-Coordination meetings with the Operations Manager and Branch Managers on activities and missions related to recruitment and training of operations staff;
-Present HR proposals to related department, unit or offices for their feedback before any final decision is transmitted;
-Follow-up with the AGFUND Microfinance Unit (AMU) on HR issues related to capacity-building and technical assistance, including training;
-Meet with internal auditor, as required, to discuss internal audit findings of relevance to HR.

For submitting please send your CV to

with mentioning the position you’re applying for in the subject.

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