Gaza - RF Planning Engineer

Field: Networks & Engineering
Contract Type: Full Time - Permanent
Location: Palestine - Gaza
Closing date: 19-Mar-2017

Role Summary:

To follow up the radio network nominal plan, site survey, and design. Responsible for the coverage and capacity planning. His role includes delivering operational sites to the radio optimization team (including the initial frequency plans and parameters).

Duties & Responsibilities:

-    Radio Network coverage analysis, and recommending candidate radio sites.
-    Using the radio planning tools and generating coverage simulations and predictions.
-    Radio sites survey.
-    Link budget analysis.
-    Preparing frequency plans for individual cells or for clusters of cells. Both manually and automatically.
-    Upgrading the sites/cells physical design and recommending modifications including, cell location, antenna type, height, azimuth, and tilt.
-    Preparing Cell Design Data (CDD) for the new installed radio sites.

-    Sites activation (drive tests, parameters verification, and cell performance initial tests).
-    Drive test preparation and analysis, and recommending radio tuning actions.
-    Collecting and preparing the needed data for Propagation Model Tuning.
-    Propagation and interference analysis.
-    Radio network capacity analysis and recommending expansions if needed.
-    Analyzing the radio network/cells parameters, and recommending parameter tunings.
-    Following up the customer complains related to the radio network.

Work Experience & Qualifications::

-    Bachelor’s degree in Telecom Engineering or equivalent.
-    Minimum 1 year experience in GSM or related fields (fresh graduate are welcome to apply).

Personal Traits & Special Skills::

-    Strong analytical and organizational skills.
-    Strong communication skills.
-    Ability to learn quickly and to act proactively.
-    Ability to work under pressure.
-    Good Knowledge in the GSM system.
-    Work experience with GSM planning and GSM drive test tools is a plus.
-    Computer latency knowledge (Microsoft is a must).
-    Proficiency in Arabic and English (writing, reading, and spoken).

Note: you will be required to attach the following:

- Resume / cv
- Passport-size photograph

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المسمى الوظيفي الوطنية موبايل | RF Planning Engineer
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الوظيفة RF Planning Engineer
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