Women Economic Empowerment (WEE) Project

Networking & Business Development Officer

Women for Life Society (WfL) is an independent, non-profit Palestinian organization working in Salfit and Qalqilya provinces of the West Bank to eliminate violence against women, and empower women legally, socially, economically and politically.

WfL has organised several workshops aimed at building local Palestinian women’s skills and capacities in order to become self-reliant. This programme has focused on developing specialist artisan skills as well as teaching women business skills such as marketing and project management.

In 2010 WFL offered trainings in tailoring and designing clothes in Qarawa Bani-Hassan village. The project funded by the Australian consulate targeted 17 housewives and female students, two of whom were disabled. WFL cooperated with the municipality of Qarawa Bani-Hassan to implement training in management skills, marketing, financial and administrative managements. In addition, legal and social awareness meetings about relevant gender-related topics were offered including self-reliance, family violence, personal status laws and alimony.

In 2011, WfL received funding from the Australian consulate to implement designing and tailoring sessions for women. The sessions lasted for7 months and targeted a group of 15 housewives from several villages of the Salfit governorate.

Starting from 2013, Women for Life Society received a new fund from the French organization Premiere Urgence – Aide Medicale Internationale (PU-AMI) to implement a three years program on “Women Economic Empowerment” (WEE), funded by the European Union (EuropeAid). The aim of this project, implemented by Women for Life under the supervision of PU-AMI is to support the establishment and empowerment of 10 Community Based Organizations (CBOs) of the Northern West Bank, in Salfit and Qalqilya district, through raising knowledge, improving awareness and strengthening the employability and the entrepreneurship among women in 10 isolated villages; as well as developed a supportive environment for women’s socio-economic empowerment and well-being particularly through a national awareness raising campaign.

Women for Life Society is looking to recruit a Networking & Business Development Officer to contribute to the implementation of the WEE Project.
The Networking & Business Development Officer, based in Bedia, will be responsible for - but not limited to –the facilitation of the development of the curricula with the business expert, coordinate the implementation of the employment and business trainings, ensure the complete follow-up of the business creation components of the action and complete any required reporting. He/She will be tasked with establishing links with the regional private sector, organizing the networking activities and communicating with various ministries, local government units and village councils.

Supervised by WfL General Director – Fatma Assi and in strong functional link with PU-AMI WEE Project Manager – Doa’a Hamdan

WfL Community Awareness & CBOs Development Officer

WfL and PU-AMI team

-Be the focal point between WFL and PU-AMI teams regarding the implementation of all activities linked to Networking & Business Development, i.e.:
-Follow-up on the Online Web Service
-Establishment of Regional Clubs
-Establishment of Inter-Enterprise Forum
-Organise trainings to promote Women Employability and business skills
-Preparing business plans for micro-business and cooperative
-Creation of micro-business and cooperative
-Networking with other professionals business
-Network and follow up the mentorship program
-Assess market to identify gaps and opportunities
-Work with PU-AMI Project team in planning the activities’ implementation;
-Assist in the preparation of activities;
-Ensure all the resources are available to implement the business development plans;
-Assist in preparing technical specifications of project inputs, tender documents and bill of quantities;
-Design, build, and implement business models;
-Ensure the project activities are implemented based on the planned timeline;
-Responsible for implementation of all activities as detailed in the project proposal and workplan in line with best practices;
-Report to PU-AMI Project Manager about project implementation status (weekly & monthly report).
-Assist in the monitoring and evaluation of activities;
-Works with women’s groups, explaining project aims and goals;
-Encourages participation of women and men in the program, especially people from the private and public sectors.

-Bachelor degree preferably in the field of Business, Economics, Business Administration, Social studies, Communication, Education, or related fields.
-Minimum of 3 years of relevant working experience in related fields.
-Candidates who have previously worked as business development officer will be preferred.

-Experience in trainings and workshops implementation;
-Experience in business establishment;
-Experience in event organisation;
-Able to deal with stressful situation;
-Being motivated, confident, flexible and independent;
-Good communication and networking sills;
-Professionalism, leadership skills and organizational skills;
-Report writing skills;
-Excellent computer skills, in particular MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Project and Internet;
-Ability to work with various partners, in a spirit of openness,  and with adaptable communications strategies;
-Good in written and spoken Arabic and English.

. Please send resume and cover letter by email to :


Name of file should hold the name of the applicant. Deadline for application: March 15th, 2015. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and all applications will be treated with confidentiality.

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