Terms of Reference
Mid-term evaluation of the project “Taking Detention out of Palestinian Children”

Project start date: June1, 2015
Project end date:June 30, 2017
Duration:24 months
Location:Hebron - Palestine

Summary of the project

Yes Theatre for Communication among Youth (YT), a Palestinian non-governmental organiza-tion established in 2008, uses drama and theatre to positively influence children and youth in Hebron to create a change in their society. Supported by the Central sanitaire Suisse romande (CSSR) and Kinder Missions Werk(KMW), The Taking Detention out of Palestinian Children was launched in June 2016. The project is one of the most important projects of Drama 4 All program,. The program has been developed to achieve the overall organization goal of contri-buting to the improvement of mental health and psychosocial well-being of Palestinian children and youth through the use of drama and the theatre. The project aims at achieving the following results:

-Capacities of professional from Yes Theatre are strengthened – The quality of services provided by Yes Theatre are improved.
-Ex-detained children and their parents’ self-confidence and trust are improved.
-Local community is sensitized to the impact of detention on Palestinian children. 

The Centrale Sanitaire Suisse Romande (CSSR), created in 1937, is a committed and militant NGO based in Geneva, Switzerland. It supports health development projects in part-nership with grassroots organizations in the field, mainly for maternal and child health, reha-bilitation and humanization of cares.

Currently the CSSR is active in Bolivia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Palestine, El Salvador and Uru-guay.In Switzerland, it informs the public about public health issues for developing countries through reports, publications and quarterly newsletter.

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