Ramallah - Marketing Specialist

Field: Marketing & Communications
Contract Type: Full Time - Permanent
Location: Palestine - Ramallah
Closing date: 31-May-2017

Role Summary:

To plan, execute and follow up for a diverse range of customer retention campaigns to retain Wataniya Mobile customers in addition to setting loyalty methodology and manage their programs and campaigns to maintain Wataniya Mobile customers and reduce churn rates.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Maintaining Customer Focus:

-    Work closely with Marketing, Customer Services, and Sales departments to analyze reasons beyond customer turn.
-    Extracting resolutions from the output of analysis and recommending solutions to reach customer satisfaction and become more loyal to Wataniya Mobile brand and services.
-    Developing a customer-focused attitude toward activities, concentrating on those that most strongly contribute toward improving customer lifetime value.
-    Utilizing all available tools within the given systems to optimize campaign effectiveness.
-    Analyzing campaign outcomes and Drawing insights and present results clearly to facilitate sound decision making.
-    Participating in a variety of special projects as requested, including explorations of system or process improvements, new retention categories, and joint projects with Customer Service.

Developing loyalty strategy:

-    Setting up a strategy and loyalty program for the consumer and corporate base
-    Clarification roadmap with milestones for implementation
-    Implement a separate strategy for high value segment
-    Monitor and report of the necessary KPIs for loyalty and churn reduction

Planning of Customer Retention Management:

-    Working closely with Corporate Proposition Manager and Marketing Director to formulate the retention strategy and objectives.
-    Planning and setting the processes in line with Wataniya’s overall strategy and customer experience.
-    Planning, coordinating, and following-up with stakeholders, partners, and third parties.
-    Managing a diverse range of customer retention campaigns and initiatives for postpaid customers.
-    Reviewing and evaluating situation constantly to improve the methodology of retention plan.

Budgeting and Forecasting:

-    Forecasting the budget plan considering previous history and yearly expectationtarget.
-    Forecast process including database management and data segmentation.
-    Building a detailed, bottom-up annual budget for areas of responsibility.
-     Supplying key inputs to the quarterly reforecast, using the most accurate, up-to-date information.
-    Studying assumptions used for developing budgets and forecasts.
-    Focus on brainstorming new ideas and initiatives to improve customer experience, lifetime value, share of market and revenue profile for Wataniya mobile

Key Qualifications::

-    Outstanding analytical thinking
-    Customer Focused and Oriented
-    Excellent Interpersonal Skills
-    Strong Presentation Skills
-    Strong organizational and communication skills
-    Concrete problem solving skills
-    Ability to prioritize and handle multiple assignments at any given time while maintaining commitment to deadlines
-    High levels of integrity and discretion
-    Highly motivated, organized individual who is able to work effectively with minimal supervision
-    Strong computer skills, specifically spreadsheets and data management
-    Other duties as assigned by management

Note: you will be required to attach the following:

- Resume / cv
- Persoanl professional Photo


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الوظيفة الوطنية موبايل | Marketing Specialist
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