Justice for Children Specialist

Location: Ramallah, Palestine with travel to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, Gaza
Supervisor: Country Representative

Background: Tdh is the largest non-governmental organisation for children’s aid in Switzerland. It undertakes to support the most vulnerable members of society through child protection and Justice for Children projects. Tdh has development projects and emergency relief programs in 34 countries and currently has operations in Hebron, Bethlehem and Gaza. Its Delegation Office is based in Jerusalem.
Tdh is creating a new position of Justice for Children Specialist, based in Ramallah. The position will report directly to the Country Representative on the overall Justice for Children Project and will support the Senior Office Manager based in Bethlehem and the Head of Office based in Gaza (hereinafter “Area Managers”).
This position has a heavy coordination and IT component, for which we need a person who is people-skilled, dynamic, creative and IT-friendly.
The position requires at least 25 to 30% travel to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, Gaza and Jordan.

General Responsibilities
The incumbent has full operational responsibility for Tdh Justice for Children project in Palestine, under the direction of the Country representative, including the oversight of administration and logistics aspects related to the project with the support of the Head of Finance and Administration Coordination.

The incumbent will conduct his or her duties in respect of the Charter of Terre des hommes and the Tdh Child Safeguarding Policy (CSP). S/he advises the Country Representative on cases of breaches of the CSP.

Terre des hommes expects that its staff’s professional conduct reflect proper behaviour in accordance with local culture and traditions. The incumbent assures the moral protection of the name of Terre des hommes and defends in all circumstances the interests of the Movement.

Tdh intervenes without any political or religious consideration and is a non-profit organisation. The incumbent will direct his or her activities without preoccupation of political, racial or religious affiliation.

Specific Responsibilities
Subject    Responsibilities

Project Management     

-Develop, implement and monitor the Justice for Children project, in accordance with its objectives, activities and targets outlined within Project Documents and in line with project’s budget.
-Ensure that activities are appropriately monitored and evaluated and propose, when deemed necessary, amendments to the current and future project, in consultation with the Country Representative.
-Identify, with Justice for Children stakeholders, potential additional needs to be covered.
-In collaboration with the project staff and with the Head of Finance and Administration forecast expenditures, track activities expenses, make recommendations, and ensure that appropriate action is taken in a timely fashion.
-Coordinate with the Country Representative, the Head of Finance and Administration and Heads of Offices operational, purchase and budget follow up to ensure that the Justice for Children project receives adequate support and operate in line with Tdh’s and donors’ policies, procedures, and standards.

Project Strategy and planning
In collaboration with the Country Representative, participate in designing strategies for improved support to children in conflict with the law
-Take the lead in assessments, brainstorming, and proposal writing exercises insofar as they relate to Justice for Children. Participate actively in assessments, brainstorming, and proposal writing exercises for other sectors
-Participate in the review of Tdh strategy in Palestine when applicable.
-Participate in the development of new proposals for funding and advise on their technical soundness and financial feasibility.

Project Implementation

-Contextualize the existing “Alternatives to Detention” Manual to Palestine
-Review the follow-up system for vulnerable children in the target areas, ensure the proper training of the Justice for Children team, and monitor the implementation of the system.
-In a participatory manner identify, mobilise and train community members and other actors to encourage their participation in different aspects of the project implementation and development.
-Reinforce the referral system and maintain regular liaison with stakeholders and resource agencies (Police, EUPOL cops, UNDP, UNICEF, DCI, etc.) to promote and maintain a healthy and productive relationship with Tdh.
-Attend and actively participate in Juvenile Justice National Committee and Detention Group; where possible take a lead role in overall or sectoral coordination;
-Actively sustain and broaden networks in the area of intervention with any existing services, stakeholders and authorities necessary to handle Justice for Children activities/support in an effective manner.
-Develop appropriate project tools and train the country team accordingly.
-Involve the community especially informal actors, where appropriate, in the protection processes of children in contact with the law.
-Develop and supervise awareness activities in close consultation with local authorities, communities and other stakeholders on Child Rights topics.
-Provide strategic guidance to the Justice for Children team in terms of selection of topics, planning, and delivery of awareness and training sessions in a participatory manner.
Database and IT    
-Lead the process of optimizing MIZAN II for children in conflict with the law. Gender mainstreaming will be part of technical assistance provided to MoSD re. MIZAN optimization.
-Supervise data protection procedures and filing (internally).
-Optionally, advise on the overall development and management of the existing Informal Justice systems (IJS) database and mobile data collection

Monitoring and evaluation    

-Supervise, maintain and strengthen the Justice for Children reporting and intervention system.
-Supervise the country team to conduct regular impact evaluations and yearly Child Protection/Justice for Children reports and assessments in the communities covered.
-Monitor and supervise the Justice for Children project on a regular basis in order to identify gaps and challenges as well as to ensure quality impact of the Justice for Children approach in Palestine.  

Human Resources Management    

-Support the Project Managers in the development of accurate job descriptions as necessary for the Justice for Children project team, in coordination with the Finance and HR Assistant.
-Assist recruitment efforts including for consultants through planning and interviewing of candidates, in respect to the local regulations, in collaboration with Area managers and in coordination with the Head of Finance and Administration.
-Although no staff are currently reporting to this position, consultants will. The incumbent will encourage effective team work and provide supervision and guidance, including regular and constructive feedback.
-Ensure regular performance appraisals as applicable, design and follow-up personal development plans, and assist in the identification of training needs.
-Responsible for follow up of disciplinary measures, in collaboration with the Country Representative and Head of Finance and Administration.
-In collaboration with Finance and Admin colleagues, assure own planning of annual leave and absences including for consultants.

Capacity building
-Identify training needs and develop a capacity building strategy in collaboration with Area Managers.
-Support the Justice for Children project managers in providing on-the-job training and mentoring and provide guidance in order to delegate progressively project and team management, including for the local partners (organisations).  
-Participate in the capacity building support to the local partners’ representatives, and other relevant local authorities, as required by the project.


-Coordinate with the Country Representative and the senior management team (SMT) for the development and supervision of the general organisation’s strategy in the country.
-Coordinate with other sectors to develop potential cross-sectoral activities.
-Provide technical support to senior managers and other staff as needed.
-Coordinate as required with other actors operating in the area.
-In collaboration with the Country Representative, communicate with other humanitarian partners and local authorities in the target areas, as relevant for the effective and efficient implementation of the Justice for Children project.
-Regularly attend JJ and/or related Working Group meetings and other relevant fora at local level, and national level when relevant.
-Coordinate with other departments (programme and support) as necessary.
-Contribute to the development and implementation of Tdh accountability framework in Palestine.


-Contribute to coordination mechanisms, including the sharing of information and reporting.  
-Attend or delegate attendance to appropriate external meetings at sector level, in order to ensure that Tdh’s aims and activities are shared with partners.
-Network with other NGOs and entities in the interest of information sharing and best practices.


-Produce and submit to the Country Representative a monthly situation report
-Lead in the drafting and submission of donor reports re. Justice for Children.
-Maintain and ensure a culture of strict confidentiality - inter Tdh staff and between Tdh staff and non Tdh employees.
-Upon completion of the assignment, submit detailed handover notes.


-Comply with Tdh Security Regulations.
-Ensure all Justice for Children staff comply with Tdh Security Regulations and with the indications regularly provided by the Country Representative on security.
Child Protection Policy    
-Commit to respect the Child Protection Policy.
-Be proactive with respect to Tdh Child Safeguarding Policy (CSP) and show leadership to all Tdh staff on child protection.
-Ensure that all new Tdh staff members are trained on CSP and aware of the commitment that it requires.
-Report cases of abuse on children as identified and collaborate on resolution of the cases. Strict confidentiality must be respected.   
-Support technically the Country Representative and Area Managers if any cases are reported.  
-Undertake any other duties as required by the Country Representative

Any change to the proposed tasks and activities will be discussed with the Country Representative. A high degree of flexibility on the part of all staff is expected.
This job description may change based on the situation in the field.


This position has a heavy coordination and IT component, for which we need a person who is people-skilled, dynamic, creative and IT-friendly.

-Full commitment and qualified experience in justice for children and child protection.
-Interest, if not experience, in information technology at design level
-A bachelor’s degree in law (preferably in Palestinian criminal law) or other relevant degree.
-At least 2 years of experience in a similar position preferably with an NGO.
-Fluency in English and Arabic. The working language in the office is English.
-Excellent communication skills.  
-Strong organisational and planning skills.
-Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
-Ability to manage day to day interactions with service providers.
-Valid driving license and ability to drive regularly to Gaza and West Bank

Application and Procedure

Qualified and interested candidates should send their CV along with a cover letter to


no later than October 16th. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Applications received beyond this deadline, hand-delivered or mailed to the office, will not be considered. No additional information will be provided by phone or email.

Please write “Justice for Children Specialist” in the subject of your application email.

Due to high volume of applications only short listed candidates will be contacted. Applications will be reviewed on a continuous basis; interested candidates should apply as soon as possible.

It is the policy of the Terre des hommes Foundation to protect children’s rights which includes the prevention of child abuse in all forms; neglect, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. The selected candidate is required and expected to commit to respecting Child Safeguarding Policy, commit to ensure the best implementation possible of Child Safeguarding Policy in Palestine, commit to inform the Country Representative and to deal with any case of any allegations or possibility of violation, even potential, to the Child Safeguarding Policy.

Thank you for your interest in Terre des hommes.

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