IT Disaster Recovery Project Manager

Field: Information Technology
Contract Type: Contract
Location: Palestine - Ramallah
Closing date: 23-Dec-2016

Role Summry & Responsibilities:

Role Summary :

Manage the day to day Disaster Recovery (DR) project activities. The Project Manager oversees all aspects of the project using planning, monitoring and controlling processes. The Project Manager is responsible for completion of the project on time, on budget and on specifications. Project Manager performs a variety of tasks including coordinating all resources and stakeholders, setting deadlines, assigning responsibilities, monitoring, summarizing and communicating the progress of the project, also analyse and prepare CR and project concept document.

Duties & Responsibilities :


-    Plan DR project in order to accomplish its goals within constraints such as time, cost and agreed quality standards
-    Schedule tasks, deadlines and milestones for all stakeholders and resources
-    Develop schedule contingency plans

Day-to-Day Management

-    Run the DR project on a day-to-day basis
-    Coordinate DR project subordinates, other staff, service providers, and vendors
-    Assemble assets required for production team to perform tasks
-    Disseminate production information to production team through task and sub-tasks assignment based on requirements
-    Efficiently and competently manage problems -- when things go off plan (due to scope-creep, changed requirements, missed deadlines etc.) bring them back on plan or create a new plan with the assistance of key-stakeholders
-    Intimately understand the requirements of the project and ensure that work proceeds on-spec
-    Evaluate deliverable prepared by the team to make sure the work meets requirements and maintains a high level of quality
-    Constantly monitor and report on the progress of a project to all stakeholders


-    Provide detailed explanations (written and graphical) of project processes


-    Create, maintain & constantly look to improve production processes


-    Assumes responsibility for establishing and maintaining effective communication
-    Coordination and teamwork with Company personnel and with management.
-    Coordinates functions with related departments, regional offices, and headquarters.
-    Assists and supports Company personnel as needed.
-    Responds to questions and information needs.
-    Keeps management informed of area activities and of any significant concerns.

Responsibility for related duties as required or assigned.

-    Ensures that work areas are clean, secure, and well maintained.
-    Attends meetings as needed.
Work Experience & Qualifications::


-    Associate degree in business or equivalent education and experience.


-    Basic understanding of computer operations and accounting.
-    Basic knowledge of overall Company operations.

Experience Required:

-    At least 5 years project management experience.
-    At least 3 years of related Telecommunication experience.
-    At least 1 year experience in IT Disaster Recovery implementation.
-    Background of business system analysis
-    Understanding of billing and CRM processes
Personal Traits & Skills::


-    Well organized and attentive to detail.
-    Customer and service orientation.
-    Good math and problem solving skills.
-    Able to train others.
-    Strong communication abilities.
-    Able to use PC, fax, phone, and other basic business equipment.


-    Reasoning Ability:                
-    Ability to deal with a variety of variables under only limited standardization.
-    Able to interpret various instructions.
-    Mathematics Ability:                
-    Ability to compute discount, interest, profit, and loss; commission mark-up and selling price; and ratio, proportion, and percentage.
-    Able to perform very simple algebra.

Language Ability:      
Arabic and English

Note: you will be required to attach the following:
- Resume / cv
- Persoanl professional Photo

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