International Relations Consultant

Taawon (Welfare Association) is a leading Palestinian non-profit organization, working in Palestine and Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. In Arabic, Taawon translates to working together to do good, an idea that lies at the core of the organizations culture, and governs its everyday operations in development.

Taawon touches the lives of more than one million Palestinians annually. Since its establishment in 1983, Taawon invests in seven major programs: education, community development, youth and womens empowerment, orphan support, culture, restoration of old cities, and its flagship project, The Palestinian Museum.

Expected Deliverables

-Conduct extensive research on Institutional and individual donors relevant to Taawons work and programs in three areas; South America, Asia (Malaysia, and Indonesia), as well as Canada.
Propose an action plan on how to approach these donors and engage them in Taawons programs, in alignment with the strategic international fundraising plan.

-Establish networks with institutional and individual donors in the targeted locations, and initiate contact in coordination with the Director General and the Unit Director of Outreach and Fundraising Europe and USA .
-Initiate contact with the representative offices of these countries as well as INGOs from these countries that have offices in Palestine
-Assist in identifying focal points for recruitment in specific locations identified as high potential.
-Submit at least 4 proposals to a mix of individual and international donors in the targeted locations; in compliance with the fundraising strategic plan and in coordination with Director General and the Unit Director of Outreach and Fundraising Europe and USA.

Location: Taawons HQ Office in Ramallah
Contract Type: Short Term Consultancy Contract

Desired Qualifications and Experience

-Holds a master degree in Business Administration, social studies or any other relevant field
-4 year work experience in fundraising with an organization
-Excellent research and information gathering/analysis skills
-Proven track record of fundraising and networking skills
-Works independently with minimal supervision
-Excellent communication skills
-Bilingual Arabic and English
-Good presentation skills
-Attention to detail
-Good computer skills (MS office, skype,.etc).

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