“Alibdaa” Microfinance company is a Palestinian private shareholding company, dedicated solely to the delivery of sustainable financial services to Palestinian households, particularly micro and small entrepreneurs. Alibdaa established in accordance with the current situation of the Palestinian MFIs regulatory framework under the supervision of Palestinian Monetary Authority (PMA). Al-Ibdaa is the product of a partnership between the private sector and the AGFUND based on His Highness’, Prince Talal Ben Abdul-Aziz, initiative to establish microfinance banks for the poor in the Arab World,.

Job vacancy: Internal Auditor.
Work station: Head office-Ramallah
Job type: full time.
Deadline for receiving applications: 19/12/2016.

Job Requirements:

-Education: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, banking and finance or other related field.
-Post graduate degree in accounts, finance or business administration is desirable.
-Professional certification in audit, accounts or operations management.
-Four years of experience in internal audit with an audit company, public company, bank, finance institution or microfinance organization.
-Proficiency in accounting, business statistics and mathematics.
-Proficiency in Excel and data-mining.
-Fluency in spoken and written Arabic and English.
-Proven record of writing, analytic and research skills related to auditing.
-Knowledge of accounts and finance procedures appertaining to banks, finance and/or microfinance institutions.

Duties and responsibilities:

-In consultation with the Audit Committee and Ibdaa management, prepare an annual internal audit plan that identifies key areas for verification, control and risk assessment.
-Ensures that Ibdaa is compliant with all licensing and business requirements determined by official regulators.
-Documents and records discrepancies in business processes and procedures and brings these to the attention of the Audit Committee and management.
-Performs internal operational verification and control checks on microfinance operations to assess compliance with procedures; drafts verification and control reports recommending improvements towards increased efficiency in the utilisation of Ibdaa resources to meet operational objectives.
-Reviews and evaluates the internal control systems and makes recommendations for their improvement, including controls related to loans, transfers, computer systems, recruitment, fixed-assets and interest rate setting.
-Reviews and evaluates Ibdaa instructions, regulations, procedures and manuals to assess their comprehensiveness and adequacy and makes recommendations for improvement.
-Reviews business process in each department/office, produces business process diagrams and undertakes diagnoses identifying redundancies and inefficiencies in procedures.
-Reviews and diagnoses credit operation procedures, credit manuals and training material makes recommendations to improve efficiency.
-Conducts periodic staffing reviews to ensure that Ibdaa’s human capital is deployed cost-effectively and reports accordingly.
-Conducts periodic and sample reviews of loan officer caseloads to ensure that they are in compliance with the Ibdaa’s procedures.
-Performs internal financial verifications to assess the correctness of Ibdaa’s assets and liabilities and drafts reports thereon, including revenues and expenditures, bank reconciliation, examining accounts records, petty cash and cashiering operations, loan loss provisions and write-offs.
-Makes recommendation to financial management about software, policies and audit Triggers.
-Performs such other duties as may be assigned.

Additional Information:

-The appointee is required to conduct internal audits of Ibdaa branch office throughout the country.
-The appointee will be expected to travel on duty as outlined in the annual audit plan and when requested to do so for specific missions.
-The officer should be willing to work beyond normal work hours to achieve the audit
-objectives, but especially in cases of fraud and wrongdoing

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