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Mdecins du Monde (MDM) France is an international medical organization, which has been present in the occupied Palestinian territory since 1995. It operates in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank through offices located in Jerusalem, Gaza and Nablus.
Project background:
MDM is having a partnership with Culture and Free Thoughts Association (called after CFTA) aiming to reinforce the capacity of the psychologists and social workers working in 5 Community Centers. This first training will specifically focus on reinforcing the skills of the 7 psychologists.
2-Objective of Consultancy
The main objective of this consultancy is to provide training to MDM partner psychologists (7 psychologists). By the end of the training participants should:
-Have a clear idea of the IASC intervention pyramid for mental health and psychosocial support;
-Be better equipped in using the psychosocial approaches for mitigating stress and trauma;
-Be better equipped to detect and refer mental health difficulties to specialists and have a good knowledge of the main diagnostic manuals.
-Know how to use some practical tools/scales (adapted to Palestinian culture) for measuring mental health problems;
-Know how to adequately use PFA principles in case of critical incidents;
-Be better equipped to manage own stress and difficulties (self-care).
The methodology to be used during the training should be participative and interactive with key theoretical input. The consultant is expected to work in close collaboration with the Mental Health Officer/Mental Health Coordinator (clinical psychologists). He is expected to facilitate the sessions in Arabic. However, all the material provided (final agenda, presentations, pre and post test, final report) should be available in English as well.
1-To meet and stay in touch with the MHCO/MHO to clarify the objectives of the training and to get information about MdM GAZA MHPSS strategy and program.
2-To meet the MdM Partner psychologists to discuss needs and expectations (pre-training needs assessment)  - 1h30 meeting.
3-To analyze the information collected during the pre-training needs assessment meeting and send to the MH Officer a summary of the key points (max. 2 pages including specific needs and expectations) – no later than 2 days after the meeting.
4-To prepare an initial draft Agenda for 5 full days (6 hours per day) of training
5-To develop the training kit which should include: Final draft agenda, theoretical presentations, methods used during the training, and evaluation tools  (pre and post testing questionnaires)
6-To share the final agenda, the planned activities, the theoretical presentations and the evaluation tools (PRE & POST-TEST) in advance, according to the schedule, with the MH coordinator/MH Officer (minimum one week before starting the facilitation of the training).
-To conduct training/facilitate the sessions (5 days)
8-MAXIMUM one week after the training: to provide a final report IN ENGLISH (between 5 and 10 pages) including:
a-Outcomes of Pre and post testing including comments
b-Acquired skills and skills to be improved
c-Recommendations for further training sessions
d-Annexes : final agenda, methodology and  presentation handouts.
Within the framework of the service provision, the consultant will be asked to collaborate with MDM F Mental Health officer (Gaza) and Mental Health Coordinator (Jerusalem based) who will be the focal contact persons for this services support and follow up.
MDM is looking for qualified service providers (individuals and/or organizations) with the following characteristics:
-An advanced degree in clinical psychology (MSc or PhD), or alternatively social sciences or in any other relevant field;
-Trained in psychotherapy as a pre-requisite
-EXTENSIVE clinical practice with patients (children, teenagers and adults)
-Valuable experience in psychosocial interventions
-Valuable experience in training and supervising psychologists (at least 5 years)
-Demonstrate experience in designing training agenda, manage group dynamics and enable groups to learn together based on their field experiences.
-Previous work experience with international organizations
- Knowledge of MHPSS international guidelines
-Strong communication and facilitation skills
-Excellent writing + speaking skills Arabic and English
-Knowledge of context and cultural aspects

4-Work schedule
Deadline for applications: 10th of May
Contract starting date: 19th or 20th of May starting with a meeting with MdM Mental health unit (Mental health officer and mental health coordinator)
Meeting with CFTA psychologists: 21st May (to discuss needs and expectations) / 2 pages report by 23rd May
Delivery of draft training kit for MDM feedback and validation: 27th May
Delivery of FINAL Training Kit: 3rd of June
Conduct training days: 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th June 2015
Delivery of final report: no later than one week after the last day of the training.

This schedule is estimated and can be modified upon approval of MH Coordinator.
5-How to apply
The interested individuals/consultancy offices/ organizations should provide:
Technical offer including:
-Names and CV of trainer/trainers
-Training draft agenda for 5 days of training / 6 hours per day
-Training content and methodology
Interested candidates should send their complete application with the reference MDM/TRAINING CONMHPS/2015 to no later than 10th May 2015
Max USD 50 per hour /max. 6 hours per day
Important: The rate per hour includes the following elements:  the different meetings/communications prior and after the training (with MDM psychologist and partner psychologists), the training kit (Final agenda, theoretical presentations, methods used during the training, pre and post testing questionnaires), the facilitation of the training, the transportation and communication costs, the final report. Training venue, material (paper/pen…), coffee and tea breaks, lunches are provided by MDM.

المسمى الوظيفي Consultancy for MENTAL HEALTH AND PSYCHOSOCIAL SUPPORT (MHPSS) training
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