A major firm hereby announces the vacant job of Administrative Assistant to operate at the firm's H.Q. in Ramallah subject to the following:

Vocational responsibilities:

Performing all the administrative tasks related to the General Manager's office that include:

-    Running day-to-day duties of the General Manager and making arrangements for dates, meetings and interviews.
-    Supervising the General Manager's schedule of interviews and communications, receiving of incoming letters and correspondence; presenting them to the Director for subsequent tackling upon relevant directives.
-    Ensuring the referral of various issues to the competent departments and concerned officials to deal with, following up their execution and finally reporting the results to the General Manager.
-    overlooking the receipt of requisite reports prepared by the concerned departments from inside and outside of the firm, protecting their privacy, reviewing them and presenting them to the General Manager.
-    Superintending the process of coordination with the concerned departments from within and without the firm for making the required arrangements for the General Manager tours at home and abroad.
-    Making preparations for the agenda for the committees, conferences and meetings attended by the General Manager, and all their related data; and following up of the implementation of their given decisions and recommendations.
-    Reception and follow-up of complaints, grievances and irregularities sent in to the General Manager office by the staff and the general public, and replying to them in coordination with the General Manager.

-    Managing and coordination of VIP reception activities following proper procedures in this regard.
-    Making necessary arrangements for the General Manager's receptions including furnishing the venues, coordination of the times, contacting the guests, providing of requisites, specifying working papers and preparing minutes of the meetings.
-    Phraseology of epistles and decisions sent out to other departments following given directives.
-    Determining of managerial needs and stationery and ensuring their procurement, arranging the maintenance work of the Office, periodic
supervision of security and safety conditions of the Office.

-    Constant contact with and follow-up of the branches' executive administration to ensure the implementation of the decisions and the instructions issued by the General Manager.
-    Arranging and organizing of Board of Directors meetings and following the execution of the members' bookings, and also following up of meeting proceedings and ensuring the members signing of those proceedings as well as the execution of the decisions herewith.
-    Participation in the arranging and organizing of the meetings of the Firm's General Assembly.
-    Any other tasks demanded by the Immediate Boss.

Terms and required qualifications:

-    Successful candidates should be holders of a university degree majoring in English or Business Administration with an English TOFEL or IELTS.
-    Experience in managerial work of five years as a minimum.
-    Minimum age: 35 years.
-    Capable of sustaining work stress.
-    Capable of preparing miscellaneous reports.
-    Should be a Ramallah resident.

Candidates meeting the above requirements are invited to send in their CVs to


no later than 20/08/2017.

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