Development officer (part time)

An Active civil society organizations working in democracy and election looking for dynamic and innovative part time development officer:

Key responsibilities

-Recruit, organize and inspire volunteers
-Research fundraising opportunities and write grant
-Build relationships with major donors or companies and make presentations
-Manage information and record the profile and fundraising activity of donors on a database
-ensuring major donors or companies are happy with their donation scheme (such as a charity of the year partnership) and are kept informed of progress and milestones
-Devise and organize fundraising campaigns, events and door to door collections
-Spot fundraising opportunities and raise awareness of the organization’s work

Key skills

-Excellent communication skills, both verbal
-Native in  English and other language is an asset 
-Good at researching and devising strategies and opportunistically taking advantage of donation possibilities. Fundraising managers must be adept at people management,
-Building long-term relationships with potential donors or volunteers. The
-hit fundraising targets are important, as are organizational and IT skills.
-An interest in, and commitment to, the cause of raising money for is essential.


A minimum of three years’ experience in fundraising
BA in social studies
Familiar with the NGOs sector in the Palestine
Familiar with the Donors agency in Palestine and Abroad

Potential Candidates are invited to submit their resume attached with a cover letter (in English) no later than 30/12/2016 to the following email: 


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