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 Web Developer (Full Stack) Boot camp in Hebron – Gaza Sky Geeks Program 

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Period:                           : Six Months 

Program Name : Gaza Sky Geeks 

Course                          :Web Development Boot camp 

Location   : Hebron (YDRC)


Mercy Corps (MC) is a non-profit, non-aligned, secular non-governmental (NGO) humanitarian relief and development organization, registered in the United States and Scotland with offices in more than 40 countries around the world, including the West Bank and Gaza, where the organization has been active in implementing relief and development programs for nearly a decade.  Mercy Corps ‘West Bank and Gaza’ has staff based in East Jerusalem and Gaza City offices that implement programs throughout the Palestinian territories. 

Mercy Corps’ Economic Security Program is a part of its overall Palestinian Community Assistance Program.  The Economic Security Program aims at providing cash for work assistance for labors of the industrial sectors. The post-conflict economic situation among the different business and sectors lead productive factories to witness unprecedented increase of unemployment and putting many labors at risk of losing their jobs. By this intervention, Mercy Corps aims at alleviating the poverty and suffering; and improve food security for this vulnerable segment of population “labor workforce” and their families.

About Gaza Sky Geeks:

Gaza Sky Geeks trains Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank to become world-class software engineers, online freelancers, and startup founders to help them earn significant incomes, grow into effective tech leaders, and accelerate the Palestinian tech ecosystem and economy. In 2017, we launched Palestine’s first full-stack coding bootcamp in Gaza, with a second campus opening in the West Bank in November. In early 2018, we launched a Digital Outsourcing and Hiring Agency to build a pipeline of commercial work from international clients to begin to hire our developers to build their products or join their engineering teams.

In 2007, we launched Palestine's first full-stack coding bootcamp in Gaza, with a second campus opening in the West Bank in November 2018 in cooperation with the YDRC. 


The Gaza Sky Geeks Code Academy is Palestine’s first immersive, 6-month career accelerating web development bootcamp in Hebron. This program is for anyone truly serious about putting in the time, effort, and determination to become a junior web developer ready to work in a tech company.

 A university degree or prior technical experience is not required. 



  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have strong English conversational and comprehension skills 
  • Have full-time availability from January- June 2020 to fully participate in the entirety of the 6-month course
  • Have the motivation to launch a career as a developer
  • Have the maturity and professionalism to treat the Code Academy like a job training (not school)
  • Have the availability and determination to put in many hours of hard work and effort into completing the application’s technical tasks
  • Have a strong love for problem-solving and being persistent in the face of challenge.
  • Have a commitment to the community by volunteering as a mentor for future Code Academy cohorts

The goal of the Code Academy is to accelerate the growth of globally competitive coding talent in Palestine. We believe that by helping Palestinian youth build high-tech and modern skills to participate in the exponentially growing tech sector, they will have a sustainable and long-term pathway to high-quality employment. 

After the course, we support and expect graduates to immediately seek employment opportunities as software developers as freelancers or employees in a company. As such, this course is NOT suitable for current university students, even if one would postpone a semester.

The next cohorts of the Khalil Code Academy will begin in January 2020. Applications cohorts is open until 31 October 2019.


  • Deadline to submit an application: October 31, 2019
  • Deadline to complete technical tasks: November 17, 2019
  • In-person Technical Interviews: November – December 2019
  • Week 0 (Trial Week): January 5-9, 2020
  • Final Selection: January 12, 2020 
  • K3 Start Date:  January 26, 2020

The whole application process requires a significant amount of self-learning. The first step is to fill out this brief application form (it only takes 20 minutes!). Once you submit your application form, you will receive an email with all the details of the next steps and technical tasks. The application process takes time, so it is encouraged to start your application ASAP!

Application Formgazaskygeeks.com/wb-code-academy/

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