NGOs Capacity Building Program - Istanbul & Ramallah


NGOs Capacity Building Program - ISTANBUL & RAMALLAH


This comprehensive capacity building program provides current and aspiring project managers with the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to effectively navigate the project environment. During this program, you will gain the knowledge required to become an internationally certified project manager in the development sector, develop practical skills for writing proposals, and learn how to utilize MS Project to plan and manage your projects. The program is based upon industry standards and best practices, delivered using a dynamic and interactive methodology that engages participants and provides implementable tools and techniques that can be used and adapted to any organization.

This program consists of three training modules and will be conducted during the period May - August 2018 in Istanbul & Ramallah

1- Project Management for Development (PMD Pro) | Istanbul - May 2018 with Ms. Amanda Fleetwood

2- Proposal Writing & Fundraising | Ramallah - June 2018 with Mr. Hisham Qaddumi

3- Microsoft Project | Ramallah - July 2018 with Mr. Zyad Alhasan

Program Fees: 1999$ (Including Ticket and accommodation in Istanbul)

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