ASIC Physical Design Training Course


Ready to Dive into ASIC Physical Design? 

Hey there, are you up for an exciting journey into the world of ASIC Physical Design? Aeliasoft is thrilled to introduce its third training program and extend a warm invitation to all Computer Engineering and Electrical/Electronics Engineering enthusiasts out there!

 What's the Focus: ASIC Physical Design
 Who's Welcome: Students in Computer Engineering, Electrical/Electronics Engineering, or anyone keen on this field
 Who Can Join: Both experienced professionals and recent grads
 What You Need: A solid foundation in VLSI and Digital Electronics
 Extra Points for: Being comfortable with Programming and Scripting
 When and How: Dive into a 200-hour training adventure, three times a week, starting at 5:30 PM and wrapping up at 9:00 PM

 Wallet-Friendly: You can join in for an affordable fee of 250 USD Dollars 

Circle your calendars! The course kicks off on October 5, 2023, with 200 hours of training spread across three sessions each week from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM. This comprehensive training is tailor-made for folks with a background in Computer Engineering or Electrical/Electronics Engineering.

Ready to take the plunge? Apply now by sending your updated CV to [email protected] with the title "ASIC Training". We can't wait to receive your application and see if you're a great fit for this exciting adventure.

Join our team of industry pros as they guide you through the ins and outs of Physical Design, equipping you with the essential tools for success. You'll gain hands-on experience, collaborate with fellow enthusiasts, and earn a certificate when you successfully complete the program.

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