Provision of Water & Waste water services’ Operational Inspe...


Request for Proposal (RFP)

For the provision of

Water & Waste water services’ Operational Inspection training

Project title: Improvement of Water and Wastewater Services (IWWS)

Background: The overall aims of Water Sector Regulatory Council (WSRC) is to monitor all matters related to the operation of water service providers, including production, transportation, distribution, consumption, wastewater collection, treatment and disposal, and reuse of treated wastewater for irrigation with the aim of ensuring water and wastewater service quality and efficiency to consumers in Palestine at affordable prices.

WSRC is seeking: a specialized firm to enhance service provider’s capacities in operational inspection requirements through training and certification of internal inspectors.

Main Tasks:

  • Review WSRC operational inspection guide
  • Prepare the training manual, procedures and trainees handouts.
  • Conduct the training. 
  • Reporting and feedback for improvements before setting the next training. 

Interested and qualified firms are invited to submit offers to this Request for Proposal (RFP # WSRC-2021-01), Specifications and quantities are stated in the RFP document. 

Submission and Offer deadline: 

Interested candidates can obtain the RFP # RFP # WSRC-2021-01, free of charge between January 10th 2021 and January 17th 2021, before 12:00 pm from the WSRC office: 

Water Sector Regulatory Council

Khalaf Tower, 5th floor,

Al-Bireh, Palestine, Al-Bireh, West Bank 

Telephone: 02-2401294

Hard-copy offers must be received by hand no later than 3:00 pm local time on January 24th 2021, at the following address: 

Water Sector Regulatory Council 

Khalaf Tower, 5th floor, Al-Bireh

Incomplete or late quotations and/or unsealed and unstamped quotations or quotations submitted/received by fax or email only will be rejected and will not be considered.

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