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Request for Offers

Re-advertisement:  Updating national registry and inventory of cultural heritage sites in the Gaza Strip

Previous and new bidders are requested to re-submit their bids for consideration

Offer Reference: RAM/2018/CLT/KH/71

Offers received between (dates): 08 March – 08 April 2018

Offers received between (Hours): 08:00 - 16:00

Proposed validity of price offers: One time offer

Expected scope of work:    5 months ending by 30 September 2018

Following its accession to UNESCO in November 2011, Palestine ratified six UNESCO Cultural Conventions and two protocols, including the (UNESCO 1972 Convention) concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. In line with the provisions of the UNESCO 1972 convention, the effective protection, management and promotion of cultural heritage begins with the establishment of proper inventories and registries.

In the Gaza Strip, cultural heritage sites are not inventoried/registered in an updated and comprehensive manner. This had been a serious challenge during the preparation of the Detailed Needs Assessment (DNA) for culture carried out by UNESCO Ramallah office in cooperation with the Palestinian line ministries following the summer 2014 war on the Gaza Strip.

As a response to the growing challenges encountering cultural heritage in the Gaza Strip, UNESCO Ramallah Office, within the framework of the 39/C5 Regular Programme calls for the submission of offers concerning the preparation of an updated Inventory for Cultural Heritage Sites in the Gaza Strip. In particular, the intended inventory targets monuments, groups of buildings and sites of heritage value constituting the historic built environment.

Scope of the requested services:

  • Review of existing sources of information concerning cultural heritage sites such as records in national and local institutions’ accessible archives. Precisely, through consultation with, but not limited to, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Riwaq Center for Architectural Conservation, Municipalities and individual researchers.
  • Develop an inventory template to record information, which describes the physical configuration, articulation of value, state of conservation, ownership, exact location, coordinates and boundaries, photographs, available blueprints and functions of monuments, groups of buildings and sites of heritage value.
  • Build a user-friendly database including geo-referenced spatial data for all the recorded monuments.

Expected Output:

The inventory/record should include some or all of the following information:

  • Name, location and GPS coordinates of the heritage building, group of buildings or site.
  • Site’s value of significance including a description of features, attributes, type of construction materials and typo-morphology.
  • Evidence to establish the date of origin, ownership including historic maps and title deeds where possible.
  • Structural or decorative alterations (additions/superfetation) and the impact of human or natural external forces.
  • An assessment of the current condition/ state of conservation of the heritage building, monument or site.
  • Proper documentation through photographic, infographic, cartographic or bibliographic means.

Capacities required for organizations or consortiums submitting a joint bid:

  • To submit proof of prior and relevant specialized skills, knowledge and awareness to undertake the associated tasks.
  • The team may include skilled individuals working in collaboration such as recording specialists, architects engineers, researchers, architectural historians, archaeologists, IT specialists or any other specialist advisors, also submitted with proof of prior works done.

A training session/briefing for the selected team will be undertaken by UNESCO where possible to ensure a harmonic and appropriate inventorying process.

All original proposals for offer are to be dated, stamped and signed on each page, enclosed in a sealed envelope and delivered BY HAND or scanned to pdf and sent by email with the heading:

‘’Updating national registry and inventory for cultural heritage sites in the Gaza Strip’’ to:

The Finance and Administrative Officer, UNESCO Ramallah

35 Al – Ahliya College Street Ramallah, Palestine


Received, by the deadline date and time, subject to the following:

  • Send formal offer proposal on company letterhead, dated, signed and stamped with clearly indicated unit costs excluding VAT (UNESCO is VAT exempted).
  • Indicate the validity period of the price offer (12 months validity preferred).
  • Each proposal must be attached to a copy of this offer (which must also have the stamp and signature of the supplier on each page as acknowledgement of the terms of offer)
  • All offers must include the following certification -  

“All the goods/services to be provided under the terms of this offer are available and the company/individual holds a bank account in the same name as indicated on the letterhead or offer”

  • Full company profile or curriculum vitae detailing the previous experience, references or links and services offered (max two pages).
  • The contractor guarantees that the prices specifies in this offer are the maximum prices that shall remain firm and shall not be increased during the entire term of the long term arrangement and validity period.
  • Please indicate the offer title in the email subject: Updating national registry and inventory for cultural heritage sites in the Gaza Strip.
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