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Background: Since the late 1980s, BASR has started to establish community day-care centers in cooperation with local committees and municipal councils in the villages and refugee camps in Bethlehem district. The concept of the community centers focused essentially on serving children and youth with disabilities who are unable to access mainstream education via providing them with special educational intervention through individualized and interactive teaching approaches. The centers'’ objectives focused mainly on preparing students with disabilities for inclusion into the mainstream education system and into the community at large through promoting the rights of persons with disability by awareness raising, education, and advocacy. The centers use various integrated educational, cultural, social, drama, arts, sports, and recreational activities, which periodically carried out to enrich the educational process and empower persons with disabilities through education. The community centers offer regular educational services to preschool children in their kindergartens as well as primary school children in their primary classes, where children with disabilities are included to learn alongside their peers at an early age and participate in all activities. The community centers also offer extra care for pupils with learning difficulties from surrounding regular schools allowing them to be able to gain extra support needed to catch up with the requirement of regular exams. Currently, there are eight community centers in different areas across the southern part of the West Bank. The centers are now more focused on the inclusion of people with disabilities in education as well as having better access to social life. The centers also function as a hub for disability in the areas where they are situated, allowing more than 1000 students with and without disabilities to benefit from the different educational and recreational activities they offer.



As part of a five years project in partnership with the Association pour la Promotion de l'Education et de la Formation à l'Etranger (APEFE), BASR is currently seeking to improve the quality of educational intervention offered in the community centers.  This includes improving the quality of educational and pre-vocational training offered to help achieve inclusion on a larger scale in the targeted local communities.

Additionally, BASR is currently working on enhancing inclusion by expanding the work and starting new community centers in Bethlehem and Hebron area. Therefore, having a strong, unified foundation is important to have in order to improve the quality of work in these centers.

By implementing capacity building training, BASR seeks to achieve:

Professional development of teachers and community workers.

Improving classroom management to positively influence students’ learning environment and learning outcome.

Improving the quality of work being provided for people with intellectual disabilities in the field.

Increasing teachers, community workers competencies, and professional knowledge.

Targeted Group:

The training will be conducted for BASR’s community center’s teachers and the community workers and outreach rehabilitation team.

Training period:

Five training days/ 5 training hours per day (25 training hours).


Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation/ Beit Jala

The objective of the Proposed Consultancy:


General Objective:

Building the capacities of teachers and community workers on developing interactive and multi-sensory educational tools, resources, and activities which address the needs of diverse learners (children with disabilities\challenges such as intellectual disability and autism spectrum)

Specific Objectives:

Develop participants understanding of inclusive educational activities, differentiation, and adaptations that address the needs of diverse learners

Develop participants ability to create hands-on and multisensory educational resources needed for teaching children with disabilities

Develop trainees ability to plan, implement, and evaluate inclusive and interactive activities and games that enhances the development of children physical, cognitive, social, behavioral, and educational skills

Develop trainees ability and implement intervention strategies and tools that help them deal directly or guide caregivers of children and adolescents’ disabilities

Expected Results: the training is expected to deliver the following results:

Helping teachers and community workers to develop a more profound understanding of inclusive activities, differentiation, and adaptation.

Developing teachers and community workers abilities to intervene with and teach children with disabilities using multi-sensory and hands-on resources

Developing teachers and community workers abilities to plan and implement activities that develop children’s holistic and diverse skills

Trainees will be able to evaluate and develop inclusive child-friendly classroom spaces in the centers

Providing teachers and community workers with tools and strategies for intervening and guiding families of children with disabilities

Qualifications: the consultancy provided by the individual/institution should ensure the following:

At least a master’s degree in Education, Inclusion, Special Educational Needs or any related field.

At least 5 years of relevant working experience in the field of disability.

Strong writing and conceptual skills, particularly on modalities of interventions and the different tools used for assessing children and adolescents with disabilities.

Knowledge of the Palestinian context.

Excellent communication & facilitation skills.

Mode of application: Interested applicants should send the following documents:

Curriculum vitae (CV) of the trainer/s with two traceable references;

a cover letter;

evidence of similar prior work experience;

a technical offer highlighting the training plan, references used in drafting the training material and the topics covered in the training and;

a financial offer.

Complete applications should be submitted no later than July 1, 2019, to the Procurement Department via email at [email protected]


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