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Terms of Reference

Technical Support in Social Care and Protection Centers in the West Bank

Organization and Context background information

Terre des hommes -Lausanne (Tdh) is a leading Swiss child-relief agency with a strong mandate worldwide on restorative child justice, which accumulates over 40 years of experience in the Palestinian context. Tdh is a well-recognized actor in Palestine with a long and fruitful collaboration vis a vis justice stakeholders and national institutions on the policy, capacity building and specialized service provision components, chiefly. The Access to Justice Program (A2J) has been implemented in Palestine since 2010 including a specific and unique component focused on gender justice in formal spheres.

Under the Sawasya Program, funded by UNICEF, which aims at advancing the rule of law, gender justice and human rights, Tdh aims at contributing to develop and improve child protection and child justice systems. This is through rehabilitation of the care centers, vocational training activities and capacity building of the staff working in these centers. The staff working in the care and protection centers received training sessions regarding positive care in the care and protection homes, these sessions targeted social workers, psychologists, teachers, and all working staff members in these centers. Moreover, the care and protection centers staff will receive on job coaching.

Rational and Purpose of the assignment

Tdh in cooperation Tdh in cooperation with Ministry of Social Development (MoSD) conducted two trainings for the care homes and protection centers staff; the first training targeted social workers and psychologists working in the care and protection centers which are affiliated to MoSD and private centers in the West Bank, the training concentrated on counselling interventions with children residents in these care centers and protection centers   the main focus of the training is the solution based approach. The second training targeted the whole staff working in the care centers and protection center affiliated to MoSD whether they are psychologists, social workers, teachers, and persons on duty (day and night). This training concentrated on positive care for children residents in these centers such as dealing with anger, promoting positive behaviors, supporting the children to follow a positive routine, helping the children to cope with the first 24 hours, and staff care.

Based on the mentioned above, Tdh intends to hire a technical person for a short-term basis to provide supervision, coaching and technical support and for the social workers, psychologists, care givers and the night shift workers in the following care centers: Dar Alamal in Ramallah, Dar Alfatayat in Bethlehem and Child Development and Protection Center in Ramallah. The aim of this technical support is to improve the quality of the MHPSS services, and interventions that they provide to the children in conflict with the law (juveniles), children at risk of delinquency and for children in need for protection and care (victims of violence). Moreover, it aims to ensure that children receive the needed support and enjoy quality time during their stay in the protection centers and social care homes.

Scope of work and tasks 

The trainer/coach will conduct on job coaching/technical follow up (group and individual) for care centers staff on MHPSS interventions. The trainer/coach shall do the following:

Conducts regular visits to Dar Alamal, Dar Alfatayat and Child Development and Protection Center, these regular visits will include:

Meet with the directors of the three centers and the staff to agree on the technical support aims, needs, scope of support and to schedule regular visits to both centers.

Conduct individual sessions with the social workers and the psychologists to provide support to them in working with the cases, during the assessment, planning, intervention, and closing.

Conduct meetings with the caregivers (staff working in the care homes and protection homes) to help them deal with challenging cases and support them to develop a daily routine and create activities for the children.

Conduct staff care group sessions (helping the helpers).

Provide monthly reports on the conducted sessions, the task accomplished and the recommendations to Tdh project manager and MHPSS specialist. These reports shall include technical and administrative issues.

Submission of Proposals

Interested coaches are expected to submit a detailed proposal (technical and financial proposal), explaining how they meet the required knowledge and skills set, with the following components:

Proposed work schedule and plan of work with specific topics, in alignment with the training package that was developed by Tdh and provided to the care center and protection center staff.

Prices are exclusive of value added tax

Prices are to be submitted in NIS and are valid for 30 days starting from the applications’ closing date.

The transportation to rehabilitation facilities should be included in the price offer

CV/s of the consultant/s who will undertake the consultancy including three references.

Timeframe and Working Days

The work will be concluded in a period of maximum 144 working days for three centers; 48 days for each center; one in Bethlehem and two in Ramallah. The coach/specialist will be required to conduct the coaching sessions on MHPSS interventions for the social workers and psychologists and coaching for other staff on a daily routine and create activities for the children and other tasks in Dar Alamal care center in Ramallah, Child Development and Protection Center in Ramallah and Dar AlFatayat in Bethlehem.

Moreover, the working day defined by tasks consists of only 3 hours. Through these hours the consultant shall implement either individual supervision sessions, group sessions or observation and feedback; this is according to the need and work plan of the consultant.

 All offers must be e-mailed to Tdh’s official Tenders email: [email protected]  no later than June 10, 2023 (Palestine time). Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Requirments for the coach

Preference will be given to applicants who have proven experience in similar tasks. The following qualifications are essential:

Bachelor’s degree in psychology or social work, preferable master’s degree.

Degree or professional diploma and proven experience in coaching and supervision.

Proven experience in specialized counseling approaches such as solution-based approach, case Center approach, anger manager approach, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT.

Proven experience in conducting helping the helpers’ sessions.

Experience in developing and implementing life skills activities to children and youth.

Proven sound experience on working with children and youth survivors of violence, in conflict with the law and at risk of delinquency.

Demonstrated experiences in conducting counselling and coaching.

Proven working experience/ interventions with children with disabilities is considered as an advantage. 

Ethical considerations

The consultant/consulting agency must sign the Terre des hommes Child Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct and be willing to adhere to its principles and expected practices. If a breach of the policy or code of conduct takes place the consultancy will be terminated immediately without any financial burden on Tdh.

Particular requirement: No person performing any task for or on behalf of Terre des hommes must in any way be involved or associated with the abuse or exploitation of children as described in the Terre des hommes’ Child Safeguarding Policy.

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